New Zealand’s League of Legends High School League expands into Australia

LP.L founder and Managing director John McRae has announced that the New Zealand’s High School League will be expanding into Australia.

I am pleased to announce that in July, HSL will expand its footprint to include Australia, having acquired the license from Riot Oceania to run the High School League of Legends State Championships for New South Wales, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory.
The newly announced “High School League of Legends Australian & New Zealand Championship” will see, New Zealand teams compete alongside Australian schools in the inaugural High School League of Legends Australia and New Zealand Championship. 
Currently,  more than 95 teams from across New Zealand are competing, with games broadcast live every Monday night on SKY TV and on Twitch. The rollout will see Australasia’s largest esport league reach new heights.  We welcome discussions with organisations interested in supporting this education and grassroots esports initiative.

Each Australian state & territory has it’s own championship – with New Zealand continuing to keep it’s nationwide. These tournaments will run during terms 2 and 3 of 2018, culminating in a final for each region. The winning schools will then play off to crown the sole winner of the High School League of Legends Australian and New Zealand Championship.
LPL and the HSL have been driving the esports scene forward within New Zealand and we look forward to seeing that expand into Australia.