A new Super Mario movie may be on the way!

Video game movies have a fascinating history. So, it’s about time Nintendo revisited doing a Super Mario movie (especially after the last one).
The Wall Street Journal says Illumination Entertainment, the studio behind “Despicable Me” and “Minions,” is close to a deal with Nintendo. They want to make an animated “Super Mario Brothers” movie based on the popular video game franchise. The plan is for Universal Pictures to release the film for Illumination.
Universal Pictures (Illumination’s parent company) has a history of working closely with Nintendo. They’ve partnered together on several theme parks in Japan. Apparently, they’ve been talking over the deal for the last year.

A new Super Mario movie? Please be good, please be good…

Nintendo hasn’t made deals for movies or TV shows for any main characters since 1993. Unfortunately, the live-action film flopped in the 90s.
1993 Super Mario Bros Movie GIF

The Super Mario franchise

Super Mario may be the best-selling franchise ever. People have bought more than 330 million units in total from the franchise. Also, people are able to purchase plenty of Super Mario merchandise from toys to shirts in addition to other gear.