Total War: Warhammer II to release epic Ancient Egyptian action in Rise of the Tomb Kings

Total War: Warhammer II was just released in September of this year. In 2018, you’ll be able to see some epic new content for the game.


  • Race-specific game mechanics
  • Victory objectives
  • Authentic lore

The campaign pack will also feature new units:

  • Skeletal units
  • Tomb Scorpion
  • Necrosphinx
  • Hierotitan

All of the units listed above are showcased in the trailer for the campaign pack in all their glory.

Total War responds to player feedback

According to Total War, Rise of the Tomb Kings won’t be based on a supplementary story campaign.
There will be 2 extra Legendary Lords (for a total of 4) that have their own skills, traits, quest-chains, legendary wargear and situational challenges.
Players can play as:

  • Settra the Imperishable
  • Khalida
  • Khatep
  • Arkhan the Black

Rise of the Tomb Kings screenshots and artwork

When will the new Total War: Warhammer II pack be out?

Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to recover from your holiday and new year binging. The campaign pack will be out on the 23rd of January, 2018.
If you want to get alerts on the campaign packs release, you can sign up to a mailing list from Total War. You can also read the full announcement here.

How do I pre-order?

You can pre-order the game on Steam here.

Watch the Total War: Warhammer II – Rise of the Tomb Kings trailer

Images: Total War