What you need to know from the new 2017 esports snapshot

Esports is a growing part of the gaming industry that more people are paying attention to Its growth is only just beginning according to this new report.

The global 2017 esports industry grows to US$1.5 billion

The US$1.5 billion figure includes investments, sponsorships, prize pools, merchandise as well as betting and amateur tournaments. Also, 50% of the final figure is attributable to investments alone. In total, ads and investments contributed to 85% of the global esports market this year.

Dota 2’s US$25 million prize pool broke esports records

Dota 2’s finals tournament called The International offered a prize pool of US$25 million. The factor behind this large prize pool was Dota 2’s crowdfunding campaign. As a result, this year’s prize pool was US$3 million higher than 2016.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds attracted millions of viewers

PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) was just released in April of this year so it’s a young game. However, despite this, it has attracted 202 million unique viewers. Also, its large viewership to player ratio (15:1) proves its popularity as a spectator game, paving the way for the Battle Royale genre.

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