National Video Game Day: How Have Games Helped You Grow?

From Animal Crossing to Overwatch, we see how games are impacting personal growth

Video games are more and more becoming a part of our every day life, and as a result, they’re becoming a huge part of how we grow and develop. Whether that’s emotionally with games teaching us patience through to physically with games like Wii Fit or Just Dance, games are changing the way we look at things and look at ourselves.

So I asked around to see how games have impacted all kinds of different people in different ways for National Video Game Day!

I think there’s still a lot of things we can learn from games. There’s a lot of ways games can teach us new things and a lot of ways we can use games to teach others new things by using them as a way to express our thoughts, ideas and experiences.

So this National Video Game Day, ask yourself: How have games made me a better person?

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