My Arcade To Launch BANDAI NAMCO Titles On New Portable Devices

MY ARCADE,  US Based Retro Gaming specialist, and BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.; have joined forces and are set to announce two new gaming devices filled with Classic NAMCO games at this year’s E3.

The new machines further expand the line of products borne out of the partnership, which already includes a set of Micro Player Arcades featuring classic titles such as PAC-MAN™, GALAGA™, and DIG DUG™.

The NAMCO Museum Mini Player

The NAMCO Museum Mini Player will be packed with 20 classic titles and features a large vertical-oriented screen for authentic arcade gameplay. It also features dual front facing speakers for optimal sound, a detachable joystick, and back-lit marquee and coin trap. All of the titles included on the device are the original arcade versions of the games, unless there was no original arcade version available. The Namco Museum Mini Player™ is slated to release Holiday 2018.
The NAMCO Museum Mini Player

The PAC-MAN Pocket Player

The PAC-MAN Pocket Player is a brand new 16-bit handheld console; designed by My Arcade that is compact, portable, ergonomically designed, and boasts a full color screen. The Pocket Player™ will include three classic PAC-MAN titles, including original arcade favorite PAC-MAN, along with PAC-PANIC™ and PAC-MANIA™. The Pocket Player will be available starting July 2018 at retailers such as Walmart and Amazon.The PAC-MAN Pocket Player

“BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment is synonymous with classic gaming, and has developed a huge library of classic games, loved by all. We are so honored to work with them; and so excited to share these titles with a new generation of gamers; in our own unique way.”
said Crystal Dugan, My Arcade’s Marketing Manager