MuzArcade has been officially released!

“Developed by Music Powered Games, MuzArcade allows players to ‘Unleash The Games Inside Millions Of Songs’. Thanks to proprietary technology, the game generates gameplay on the fly based on lyrics and music of each song.”

MuzArcades lyric-powered Song Solitaire has licenses from major labels such as Universal Music Group and Warner Music group. Players are able to play over 6,000,000 songs in 9 puzzle and action games. This allows for over 100,000,000 unique game levels!

Our team is very excited about the opportunity to partner with the music industry to bring on-demand mobile gaming into the music streaming ecosystem. We think mobile gamers and music fans alike will love discovering and playing the games inside the music of their choice – today’s hits, yesterday’s classics, and tomorrow’s new releases.
-Bobby Wells, Chief Executive Officer, Music Powered Games

What game modes are there to play?

MuzArcade has 6 different action games, which allows you to;

  • Slide a snake to slither through lyric blocks in Stream Snaker.
  • Tap and fly flappy characters to catch lyrics in Stream Flapper.
  • Guess words to complete lyric lines in Stream Quizzer.
  • Blast lyric asteroids and alien ships in Stream Blaster.
  • Bounce balls to break lyric blocks in Stream Breaker.

Along with the action games, there are 4 puzzle games that are adaptations of popular casual puzzle and card games;

  • Slide letters to find lyric words in Song Cipher.
  • Play lyric cards to complete lyric lines in Song Solitaire.
  • Match emoji characters to reveal lyric puzzle letters in Song Jeez.
  • Shoot pinballs to solve lyric puzzles in Song Ball.

What are some of the perks?

Music Powered Games has partnered with 7digital to allow anyone to play games with streams of their favorite songs. Players who are premium music streaming subscribers can receive extra MuzArcade perks that add recurring monthly value to their subscription.
According to the press release: “Players can connect with their Apple Music account to earn 50 free lives every month. Players are also able to add their own Apple Music playlists. Players who sign up for Apple Music’s 90-day free trial receive a reward equal to $17 of in-app purchases. These rewards combined with fun MuzArcade gameplay and social competition are designed to add persistent, game-based value to music streaming subscriptions.”

Where can I download MuzArcade?

You can download it from either the App Store for Apple users or from the Google Play store!
Images and assets: Music Powered Games