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Leader in researching and creating next level technology for the gaming community

 An Ovation for Innovation for MSI

MSI has always been a leader in researching and creating next level technology for the gaming community. This year, MSI has created a wide variety of gaming products to elevate the competition.

The CES Consumer Technology Association has recognized the following as products that demonstrate innovation in their respective categories:

  • Trident 3 Arctic Gaming desktop
  • Infinite X Gaming desktop
  • Optix MPG27CQ
  • GeForce GTX 1080 Ti LIGHTNING

Trident 3 Arctic  

What is the Trident 3 Arctic all about? It’s built with the performance of a desktop but in the size of a gaming console. With a beautiful white frosted exterior outlined with silver trim, the Trident 3 Arctic is not only a gaming machine but also a beautiful centrepiece for any home theatre setup. The Trident 3 Arctic utilizes the Intel 8th Generation six-core 65W CPU. The unique factor is the use of a desktop graphics card, allowing it to perform in the same category as high-end gaming desktops.

With this specific design, the MSI Trident 3 Arctic is pioneering the market’s first front VR port enabling gamers to easily connect VR devices, and enjoy the fun of VR right in their homes. When looking at small form factor gaming desktops, cooling is always a major concern. The MSI Trident 3 Arctic, however, easily addresses this issue with the use of MSI’s exclusive Silent Storm cooling 2 technology. The CPU and GPU can be independently cooled to provide independent airflow and circulation and maintaining the overall gaming stability.

Infinite X

MSI’s original Infinite X design was conceived to provide gamers with a no-nonsense, game-winning solution for the most intensive needs. It looks like a traditional tower computer from the outside, but MSI has invested substantial resources to push the limits of performance– especially critical to this is the Silent Storm Cooling 3 technology.

The computer runs at full speed during gaming and will produce a high-temperature level, which is resolved by the Silent Storm Cooling 3 technology. MSI has split the computer chassis into 3 chambers, resulting in the gaming experience-degrading high temperature-consuming components – including the CPU, GPU and PSU – diverted separately to different individual chambers. This enables each component to have separate individual airflow and cycles; differentiating the MSI Infinite X from other traditional tower computer chassis designs that have a single chamber, where all heat-producing components are lumped together and result in overheating.

Optix MPG27CQ

The Optix MPG27CQ is a 27” gaming monitor built with a beautiful curved display. Check this new monitor on CES. More information is coming soon.


Built to be perfect, the new MSI GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti LIGHTNING Z combines cutting-edge new technology. With proven features such as TRI-FROZR design with TORX 2.0 Fans, SuperPipe technology and Military Class 4 components.

The GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti LIGHTNING Z is nothing short of an engineering masterpiece. MSI’s exclusive Mystic Light software enables you to customize the RGB effects of your hardware to give your system a different look whenever you feel like it. Via Mystic Light, you’re able to synchronize colours and effects of your graphics card, motherboard, case-fans and peripherals. Give yourself or the audience a show!


To satisfy even the most demanding enthusiasts, Z370 GODLIKE GAMING is once again setting a new standard for extreme motherboards. With outstanding aesthetics, the design definitely catches every gamer’s eye. Besides great looks, its heavy plated, multiple-layered heatsinks harness the most powerful board design found on Z370. Packed with a never-seen-before amount of unique gaming and overclocking features is the GODLIKE.

As a flagship gaming motherboard, MSI Z370 GODLIKE GAMING uses both DIGITAL power design for CPU and MEMORY. An incredible total 18 phases provide unlimited performance and stability for gamers. As an exclusive, the GODLIKE GAMING adapts the Killer™ xTend technology by integrating a network switch. That includes 3 Killer Ethernet ports and a Killer Wireless-AC module as a Wi-Fi extender. This allows the GODLIKE GAMING to provide the network access to other nearby; wired and wireless devices with a strong, powerful network connection.

The Z370 GODLIKE GAMING motherboard also offers the purest audio solution with XTREME AUDIO DAC. With fully isolated audio circuitry using a high-quality ESS DAC and 2x dedicated audio processors, GODLIKE GAMING allows for the most immersive gaming experience and ability to use headphones and speakers at the same time.

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