My Experience of True Gaming with MSI at PAX Australia

The energy was electric as I approached the booth, people yelling and screaming. The booth announcer hitting fever pitch as the last 2 remaining players battle it out. Only moments away before a winner is; then the roar announcing the winner. Prizes are awarded and then several more thrown into the crowd. Next match starts and it all happens again. This was the MSI booth for the 3 days of PAX Australia.

As I got to the booth I was met by Jeremy Tate, the Marketing Manager ANZ for MSI. I had had the pressure of talking to him numerous times over email but was great to finally put a face to the name. He spent the next 40 mins showing me around their booth.

Jeremy started with the MSI OPTIX MPG27CQ, a 144Hz refresh rate, 2560×1440, 1ms response time, 27in curved monitor; with at a glance, a simple RGB strip at the bottom. The built-in RGB LED’s on the front, support SteelSeries GameSense. This allows you to check your ammo, health or power stats right there on the monitor. It comes with a number of popular games pre-programmed but is fully customisable to suit your gameplay.
The matte black with metallic red accents is unmistakably MSI; along with narrow bezels and the stunning curvature, this monitor screams immersive experience.


I was extremely impressed with this monitor and it was my first experience with the SteelSeries GameSense. Little did I know that Jeremy had started me out small and was gearing up to something special. The MSI Oculux NXG251.

“The MSI Oculux NXG251 is the world’s fastest responsive gaming monitor; engineered and designed from the ground up for Esports professionals.”

MSI claims

and they are not kidding. Seeing the MSI Oculux NXG251 next to the MSI OPTIX MPG27CQ, there really is no comparison.
MSI Oculux NXG251 has 240hz refresh rate, 0.5ms response time, all topped off with G-SYNC. It has been named the Official ESL monitor for next year and I can see why. Even next to the stunning picture quality and quick response time of the OPTIX NXG251, you can see the difference in picture performance, unprecedented accuracy and pixel tracking of the Oculux NXG251.

With a monitor like the MSI Oculux NXG251, what do you get to run such an amazing piece of technology?

Why a $9k setup nicknamed the Hand of God of course.

Powered by the latest Intel’s Core i7-8086K anniversary edition CPU, MSI MEG Z390 GODLIKE, extreme overclocked for maximum performance and a VGA Geforce RTX 2080TI Gaming X Trio. This machine was running Fortnite at full spec and wasn’t even breaking a sweat; sitting at a cool 37 degrees.

Jeremy did tell me there was only 3 of these in the world and aren’t willing to sell them. Which is a shame as I am looking at upgrading my PC after Christmas. ????

We fought through the forever growing crowd; and got a glimpse of the new MSI GE63 Raider RGB and GS65 Stealth Thin Gaming Laptop. Yet didn’t get a chance to talk to look at them much at all.
Lastly and the thing I prayed would be ready for the PAX Australia, MSI Trident X. Labelled as a compact desktop the doesn’t sacrifice power for size; containing an Intel 9th Gen Core K series processors and GeForce RTX graphics. At just 10 litres in volume I wanted to see the size of GPU that would fit in this case; as that is approximately the size of and Xbox One.

MSI Trident X
MSI Trident X

Imagine my surprise when a brand-new full-size Geforce RTX 2070 was staring back at me through the side vent. On the other side of The Trident X, a tinted hinged glass panel held on with simple finger screws. Jeremy didn’t have it there; but he advised that the box will have both this glass side panel and a metal one.
As someone that has spent most of his adult life living in apartments with limited space; I prefer small form desktops (like my current one) or I normally have Laptops. The Trident X was everything I hoped it would be, powerful, customisable and actually smaller than I expected.

There are a number of items that I would recommend here and though I personally like MSI Trident X; My pick of the MSI products at PAX Australia has to be the MSI Oculux NXG251. This monitor has to be seen to be believed, I am not surprised the ESL choose

This next few months are going to be exciting times for the team at MSI; as most of the above products are set to release in the next couple of months.