Mobile Gaming Advertising rethink

Brands and products haven’t effectively harnessed the power of advertising to mobile game players – one of the biggest and most engaged audiences the world has ever seen.
The gaming market is set to top $108-billion in revenues this year and a small company is looking to revolutionize advertising in the gaming industry.
And it needs revolutionizing.
Gaming advertising tends to come in the form of annoying pop ups that can not only ruin the experience for gamers but can also be slim income for developers.
But a small little company is hoping to change that.
Versus Systems is offering a prizing and promotions platform that allows game developers and brands to come together to offer prize-based matches to players, all integrated directly into games.
Versus hopes that this offering will provide brands a relevant way to access the 2.6 billion people who play PC, console, and mobile games-driving engagement for brands and game developers, while allowing players to play the games they love for real prizes.
The company’s primary business model is ‘free to play, sponsored by brands’.
Under the Versus model, Versus will get paid on a per-prize or per-coupon code basis for every prize and/or coupon distributed on the system.
Developers also see a major upside with incremental revenue streams and added engagement, because Versus splits the prize revenue with the game developer.
Prizes can be anything from downloadable content to consumer products, including physical goods and merchandise discounts. A single publisher can mean millions of transactions, when you consider that games like Grand Theft Auto have sold 35 million units.
And the first to trial this?
Versus will integrate into more NASCAR video game titles in 2018, and will add many more products and brands to the platform as new games launch.
But there’s a goldmine of data here, too.
Versus collects information that could be valuable to brands and products.
Take Rockstar, for instance. They usually don’t know who’s buying their drinks or why, or even when. With Versus, they know everything. They know where you were when you won the prize they offered, what you were doing when you redeemed your prize, what flavor you like and what prize you wanted.
This is huge data on the marketing playing field-and a hidden potential value for Versus making the company a very attractive partner for brands.
It’s a very attractive win/win/win and will be a welcome change to the current Adsense and Facebook Network model currently on offer.