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Miner’s Lagoon – Worker Placement & Resource Management board game

Choose your corporation, Build your strategy & complete your secret objectives! Miner’s Lagoon sails into Kickstarter

Miner’s Lagoon is a Worker Placement & Resource Management board game for 2-4 Players, with highly strategic and competitive gameplay, a great theme, and beautiful illustrations.

Miner’s Lagoon is a resource management and worker placement board game for 2 to 4 players. You will take the role of a Mining Corporation CEO and try to outcompete your opponents. To this end, there will be a lot of decision making to be made.

As the CEO of a mining corporation, you are attempting to become the most successful one in the Lagoon.  To this end, you will navigate the Lagoon to build a team of miners and merchants, open up galleries, mine and process ores, make shipments, buy equipment, buy artefacts and close deals to score the most Victory Points.

Miner's Lagoon

Miner’s Lagoon has so many beautiful elements including:

  • Worker Placement: With 2 different types of workers – Miners and Merchants; you will have to plan your recruitment. More workers mean more actions but you will also have to pay salaries to your workers every 3 rounds!
  • Resource Management: 4 types of resources – Gold, Iron, Copper, Silver – and their Enriched versions along with money management is the key to victory.
  • Engine Building: Equipment cards offer various advantages. Some of them make it possible to perform some actions without having to go to the related islands, while other cards provide opportunities that are not available on the board.
  • Enrichment: Enrichment Center adds a lot of Strategy and player interaction to the game. You can buy your opponents’ enriched resources to complete your deals. This will cost you money but will also undermine your opponents’ plans.
  • No Blocking: Unlike most of the Worker Placement Games, there is no action-blocking in Miner’s Lagoon. You can only make things harder for your opponents as it will require an additional Merchant to perform an action that is already performed by another player within the same round.
  • Different Paths to Victory: Objective cards provide different opportunities and different paths to Victory Points. With 2 hidden Objectives, all players will try to achieve different objectives to score extra Victory Points at the end of the game.
  • Replay Value: Each game will be different with all-unique ObjectivesEquipmentCorporations and Deals.


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