All About the Minecraft Update Aquatic

The latest phase of the Update Aquatic for Minecraft is out today! Read on to find out more on this latest update and get yourself ready to explore the underwater world of Minecraft.

The Update Aquatic Phase Two Has Arrived

Today, the Update Aquatic Phase Two rolls out for the players on Minecraft Java Edition and Bedrock Engine Platforms.
This update brings about all new forms of ocean life in a tidal wave of new Minecraft features. There will be over 3,000 different types of tropical fish, a new weapon called the Trident and four brand new special enchantments for you and your friends to adventure into. Also, Phase Two features greater improvements to gameplay mechanics. And, another feature to look forward to, Players can now enjoy the company of turtles alongside their other fishy friends.

What’s in the Update

The Update Aquatic will bring about several firsts for the Minecraft franchise:

  • Procedurally generated tropical fish
  • Variations of size for some adult mobs (salmon & squid)
  • Nine ocean biomes
  • New water physics and the ability for some blocks and water to exist within the same place (water-logged blocks)
  • Check out the Official Minecraft page for full details on the latest Phase Two update

Other Previous Updates

Previously in May 2018, the Phase One update was released of Update Aquatic. Another update that brought coral, kelp and a whole bunch of fishy friends to Minecraft’s oceans for the very first time.
Also, On World Ocean’s Day, Minecraft released the Coral Crafters Skin Pack. This skin pack celebrates both the Update Aquatic and Minecraft’s continued support of the oceans.
What’s the best part about this update? Net proceeds from sales of this skin pack will be donated to partners at The Nature Conservancy. The Nature Conservancy helps restore real-life oceans!

Check out the Update Aquatic video below