Minecraft Earth experience coming to Sydney

[villager voice] Hrrmmn

I don’t need to tell you what Minecraft is. We all know what Minecraft is. I will however give you the benefit of the doubt if you don’t know about Minecraft Earth, so imagine Minecraft but as an AR game on your phone that allows you to interact with the world around you in that classic cubey blocky fashion we’ve all come to know and love.

So what if you got to interact with the real world through Minecraft Earth but in a more literal sense? As in, life-size statues and one-of-a-kind experiences? What if you lived in Sydney, and had nothing to do this weekend, and specifically wanted to engage with a really cool Minecraft event?

Well, good news! Xbox ANZ are bringing an amazing interactive experience to Campbell’s Cove in Sydney on Saturday, November 16th! The event will not only have those really cool life-size statues I mentioned, but it will also give participants access to an exclusive new in-game character to coincide with Minecraft Earth’s release.

It’ll be the perfect experience to see what the game is all about, interacting with other people who also love Minecraft, and seeing how everyone can come together to make the game something truly unique. It’s the perfect opportunity to see the game at its best.

But, what’s that? You can’t get down there on that specific Saturday, but you still want to see the the amazing statues and adventures on offer? Well don’t fret! It will still be around for the next two weekends up to December 1st.

So, want those details again?

What: “Minecraft Earth” Mob Pop-Up

When:   10a.m – 7p.m

16–17 November

23-24 November

30-1 December

Where: Campbell’s Cove, Sydney

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