Mindfreak Roster Change

Mindfreak have settled rumors and speculations regarding their roster.

Firstly announcing that Mitch ‘Buzzo’ Mader will be moving to a coaching role effective immediately. After being in Mindfreak for near 5 years. Mindfreak tweeted a kind thankyou to Buzzo for all his hard work over the year.

Next they announced Cody ‘Excitee’ Rugolo will be stepping away from Mindfreak.

Now who can step in and replace such power houses? Well, they have announced some pretty strong competition.

Daniel ‘Swifty’ Hickey and Jai ‘Beastn’ Boone join MF for their 2019 season.

The roster consists of:
Mitch ‘BuZZo‘ Mader – Head Coach
Conrad ‘Shockz‘ Rymarek
Lincoln ‘Fighta‘ Ferguson
Luke ‘Louqa‘ Rigas
Daniel ‘Swifty‘ Hickey
Jai ‘Beastn‘ Boone

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