Mindfreak CoD World League

Mindfreak are in week 2 of the Call of Duty Pro League.
First up on Wednesday the 31st Mindfreak went up against TK, they went down 3-2 in a best of 5 series.
Thursday they went up against Vitality, taking the series 3-1.
Final game on Thursday was Optic Gaming, Optic Gaming are currently undefeated in the league. In the first game of the series, Mindfreak 100 point clubbed Optic winning the map 250 – 87! Looking confident and feeling confident. Optic took SnD but not easily with a 6-5 win. The series was taken to map 5, which some have said is a curse for Mindfreak. Looking strong, but not being able to hold it down, Mindfreak went down 6-3 and Optic are still undefeated in the league.
Mindfreak are proving to the world they can hang with the best and even beat the best.
Tomorrow they face EchoFox at 9.30AM AEDT for what will be an incredible series!