Microsoft announces democratisation of VR and Steam compatibility for Mixed Reality headsets

In a recent blog post, Microsoft reaffirms partnerships with manufacturers to bring MR and VR to the everyday consumer. They also confirm that Steam content will work on all Windows MR headsets.
Earlier this year at Computex 2017, Microsoft showcased several headsets from the likes of HP, Lenovo, Acer, Dell and ASUS. These headsets are marketed as more accessible to the everyday user addressing the hurdles that are facing VR gear so far: pricing, minimum hardware requirements and ease of use.

Headset and motion controller bundles will start as low as $399 and will be compatible with existing and new PC models starting at $499. Along with our partners, we are committed to making mixed reality affordable.

Note that the pricing from the Windows blog would be USD.
In addition to the hardware, Microsoft has also been showing support for developers on the Mixed Reality platform by making developer kits available.
This move, of course, aligns with recent Windows Insider Updates that specifically include Mixed Reality features such as the ‘View Mixed Reality’ feature from Build 16273.
The most exciting part of this update from Microsoft is the confirmation that Steam content will work on all of the Mixed Reality headsets. It makes a lot of sense for this partnership with Valve given the company’s involvement with VR via SteamVR and the Steam’s large library of VR games that are available for purchase.
Images: Microsoft
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