MC Esports Pro CS:GO LAN is on this Saturday April 13th!

MC Esports are hosting a CS:GO LAN at the QUT Esports Centre. Read on for more info about the event and how you can go and check it out.

About the LAN

While the title says “Pro”, the event is open to players of any level to enter. The events have a mix of amateur and professional players. MC Esports is keen on building a space for the CS:GO Community to come together through grassroots esports.

More importantly… While MC Esports is based in Sydney, they’ll be bringing their LAN events to other major cities in addition to Brisbane this weekend.


These are the prize allocations based on the press release we received:

  • 1st prize: $600 ($500 take home, $100 charity)
  • 2nd prize: $150 ($150 take home)

Can I spectate?

You sure can! It’s completely open to public spectators “with an outdoor spectator area and no entry cost”.

The LAN will be happening at the QUT Esports Centre:

For details about time, etc. you’ll need to follow MC Esports on Twitter.

Can’t make it in person or live outside of Brisbane? No worries. The event will be streamed to MC Esports on Twitch:

Where can I get more info?

You can get more info from the official Twitter page of MC Esports:

About MC Esports

Here is a quick overview as described by MC Esports themselves:

MC Esports is focused on helping people from all different walks of life, with campaigns such as “To MC and Beyond” focusing on Mental Health and Wellbeing, MC Esports and their stream team have successfully raised over $1500 for several charities. Continuing this theme, MC Esports will have a “To MC and Beyond” activation, with both Beyondblue and “To MC and Beyond” resources available to any attendees as well as MC staff available onsite to speak to anyone in need.

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