Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – Quick Overview and Initial Thoughts

5vKqX-5S7OQGNj-W_3GRMZF5dfxZbTiBMario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is an interesting take on the classic tactical RPG genre. Combining two very different franchises together creates an odd yet beguiling experience. The game is set in the Mushroom Kingdom after a piece of equipment referred to as the ‘SuperMerge’ is accidentally stolen by the Rabbids when visiting a young inventor’s workshop. The SuperMerge combines two items together and is the preface behind the game’s plot.
First impressions of the game are slow as the story can be a little confusing and bland, but as the game progresses and the battles become harder, it turns into a much more enjoyable and rewarding experience. The backbone of the game is the combat – turn based. Each character has their own set of unique skills, abilities and weapons that can be used to damage enemies, help allies or alter an enemy’s status. After progressing through a few beginner battles the game rewards you with a skill tree which you can use to boost old attributes or unlock new ones. This to me is the most enjoyable part of the game and what keeps me coming back for more – trying out new skill combinations with each hero allows for some fun experimentation. These skills also help with more difficult enemies or arena types such as the Midboss and Final Boss battles.
To purchase weapons you need to collect coins. This can be done through just exploring the overworld or by completing battles and missions. The variety of weapons in the game is substantial and each one has their own special abilities. Completing certain challenges found throughout the overworld will also reward you with special weapons such as golden weapons which provide a nice skin and ability set.
The game controls beautifully and I only experienced frame drops a few times throughout the final level in the first world (keep in mind this is an early review copy). Guiding you throughout the world is Beep-0, a helpful assistant who used to work for the young inventor before also being trapped in the Mushroom Kingdom. Beep-0 also receives unlocks after each main world is complete allowing you to return to past worlds and explore new areas for extra weapon unlocks.
Mario-Rabbids-Kingdom-Battle-Announced-InitMario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a great game for people interested in trying out the Tactical RPG genre, however the repetitive aspect and simplistic gameplay may throw off more seasoned players despite the great unlock and reward system. The game’s $90 (AUD) price tag is also a little extreme for the amount of content provided although some fans are prepared to pay the price if it means they can see Mario and friends shooting up some Rabbids!
Initial Score – 7/10 “A great game to get people into turn based tactical RPGs, however relatively repetitive and simplistic gameplay can make for long play sessions”.
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