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Lunarbaboon is back on Kickstarter with a new collaborative team!

Lunarbaboon returns for a third time on Kickstarter with a board game, Anxiety Troll plush, and book to tackle adult issues and make life a lot easier!

Webcomics and mixed media have a surprisingly humorous solution to many of life’s problems in the form of a casual board game, an adorable stuffed animal,a helpful book for the whole family, and a new volume collecting Lunarbaboon’s comics. Will you be the last parent standing?

You can find Golden Belland Lunarbaboon’s Parenting Kit available now on Kickstarter, fully funded in hours!


The Game

Parenting is Easy Game

A fast-moving and casual board game, Parenting is Easy is a Golden Games romp for the whole family. Earn chaos cubes, spreading anarchy in every room of the house, and win by pushing everyone’s buttons. Only the worst child can emerge victorious!

“This is a great little game that I thought would be ok, but instead was something special.”

says GoTo.Game

(Full Review for the game can be found here)

The Plush

The Plush

When you’re finished playing the game, your stress levels may increase. Jumping off the strips of Lunarbaboon’s webcomic, the Anxiety Troll is real! An excellent teaching tool, the troll plush is already being used to help foster child development. It’s a positive learning exercise to teach young mind show to cope with anxiety and other mental stresses. Cuddle and squeeze this plush and feel your fears melt away. Attack depression the way Lunarbaboon does, and don’t let anxiety keep any of us down!

The Book

Parenting is Easy Book

Finally, brush up on your letters with The ABC’s of Parenting, a complete guide for how to be a parent, looking back at the joys and trials of childhood with the children’s perspective on the left contrasting with the parents’ point of view on the right. Written by Marc Goldner, Rachel Korsen, Robert Gross, and Christopher Grady, with illustrations by Lunarbaboon, the idea starts with a long drive, turned creative breakthrough to Michigan.

We were just reminiscing about our childhoodand the idea to explore our collectiveparenting stories through the alphabet just hit uswhile we were driving and talking growing up and the struggles of parenting,”

says Marc, one of the authors.

The Comic

Parenting is Easy Book

Finally, the hardcover of Lunarbaboon’sVolume 1 and 2, collected for the first time together, debuts with a brand-new cover!

Every product made an appearance at:

  • Keystone Comic Con in Philadelphia
  • New York Comic Con
  • PAX Unplugged

Combating the stresses of being a responsible adult with a special preview at every booth!

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