Logitech G Pro – Play Like The Pros

Logitech G Pro KeyboardThe Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse and Mechanical Keyboard are the first product offerings from Logitech specifically designed for esports.

Logitech have developed a large esports roster, which ensured input from teams such as Cloud9 and Team SoloMid during the development of Logitech G Pro devices.
Exclusive to Logitech Mechanical Keyboards, the Romer G switches are comparable to Cherry MX Brown with O-rings. They provided a softer touch than other mechanical switches on the market, whilst performing with much less ‘clack’ and overall volume.
I have been an existing user of the Logitech G810 keyboard for quite some time, and prefer the softer feeling and quieter keystroke provided by Romer G switches over my previous Razer Green and Kailh Red mechanical keyboards.

The focus with The Logitech G Pro Mechanical Keyboard is esports.

The keyboard has had most non functional gaming features removed, allowing the user to focus purely on what is required for gaming.
The result is a much smaller keyboard which also includes a removable USB cord for easier transport and storage.
For two weeks now I have been using this as my primary keyboard and I admit I do not miss the additional controls. Muscle memory has me reaching for my numerical pad from time to time during everyday use, but these are not features I touched with traditional FPS game-play.

The end result is a smaller, refined keyboard that is much easier to transport.

The Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse has been based on the simplicity of the Logitech G100S. It is a lightweight build with simple, refined curves and an overall smaller body shape.
The mouse feels much more asymmetrical and flatter than other Logitech G mouses I own. Additional side buttons are only featured on the left however, which may deter left handed users wanting additional thumb buttons.
‘Refinement’ feels like an apt summary. The subtle differences to their Logitech G counterparts feels natural and with purpose. Esports fans, competitors and casual gamers alike will appreciate the smaller profile and refined design of the Logitech G Pro Mouse and Mechanical Keyboard.