Little Bit Lost PAX Australia 2018 Announcement Trailer!

Little Bit Lost is a voxel survival game where a molecular diminishment experiment has gone horribly wrong.

In a Little Bit Lost, you awaken in wonderment to find yourself staring up at blades of grass towering above you like skyscrapers, and ants the size of cattle. You must fight, craft, build and survive in your own backyard against terrifying over-sized insects and arachnids

Grae Saunders started development of Little Bit Lost in May 2015 in Perth, Western Australia. Grae was busy brainstorming concepts for new VR experiences and what it would look and feel like; to be the size of an ant in your own backyard. Eventually his deep love of survival games won out and the initial concept of Little Bit Lost was born; stripping away the VR and immersing himself fully into the creepy crawly underbelly of the back lawn modelling spiders and ants crafting a unique survival experience.

After 3 years of solo development creating the base experience of LBL Grae enlisted the help of Matt Halse, Drew Paridaens and Aaran Gicquel from local Let’s Make Games community events and Perth game jams.

The team has been hard at work preparing the first public build; that will be displayed as part of PAX Rising at PAX Australia 2018; (October 26th to 28th) and available on afterwards for those unable to meet the team on the day.

Other events that the team will be attending around Melbourne Games Week include;

  • Unite 22nd, Oct
  • GCAP 23rd/24th, Oct
  • Pixel Sift Meetup 27th, Oct at Waterside Hotel
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