Let’sPlay.Live partners with Vodafone New Zealand

Let’sPlay.Live (LPL) and Vodafone New Zealand have just announced one of the coolest partnerships in recent memory as a way to boost the rapidly growing esports scene in New Zealand. In a two year partnership that will launch at Armageddon, Auckland’s amazing gaming expo, LPL is going to show off all the shiny details of bringing esports to Vodafone’s 2.8 million-strong customer base.
The service is designed to ensure that Vodafone customers have access to esports, as well as discounted access to LPL’s streaming platform. Which is a pretty amazing deal, especially off the back of IGEA’s Digital NZ 2020 report, which showed the amazing statistic that 65% of our friends over the ditch use their phones when playing games, and that two-thirds of New Zealanders just play games, generally, with 9 out of 10 households owning at least one gaming device.
Duane Mutu, Director of LPL, was excited to talk about the collaboration:

“LPL are excited to be collaborating with Vodafone as we move into a new frontier of digital technology.
Mobile gaming continues to rise in both the esports and everyday user spaces so it makes sense to align LPL with a leading mobile network provider such as Vodafone New Zealand.”

Vodafone NZ’s Consumer Director, Carolyn Luey, was also thrilled about the partnership and how it’ll be the feather in the cap of the service bringing 5G over in December.

“Gaming is a great way to connect with others, build community and provide mental stimulation.
We are thrilled to be working with LPL to not only engage with Kiwi gamers but provide all our customers the opportunity to try out esports.
We are excited about the innovation and enhanced gaming experiences that will be made possible through the high speeds and low latency of Vodafone’s 5G network following our rollout that begins in December. As our partnership with LPL develops I look forward to the opportunities we can bring to the NZ gaming community.”

But perhaps one of the coolest parts of all of this is how it’s going to launch. As previously stated, the launch will be at Armageddon, but the cool part is that it’ll be during LPL’s Laughageddon event featuring some amazing comedians, Steve Wrigley, Laura Daniel, Joseph Moore, Cori Gonzales and Melanie Bracewell will all be on stage together, competing in a fast-moving gameshow to get the most laughs out of their audience.
For more information about everything that’s happening, including links to Twitch to watch the show live, head to the LPL website.