Let’s Play Live Unveils World Class Esports Studio Inside the Auckland Sky Tower

Today I was lucky to be one of the few that was invited to walk through and experience in the first hand Let’s Play Live’s latest and greatest spectacle, the LPL Studios. Boasting a global standard in equipment and overall quality, the team at LPL have put together what can only be described as the highest class of an esports facility.
Not only did I get to spend the afternoon catching up with all of my old co-workers, I managed to steal the eternally busy Senior Producer Daniel Allen from his control room for a quick five minutes, and here is what he had to say about the new space.
How has the experience of putting together the studio been?
It’s been super-fast paced, having gone from no space to scoping out this space in the Sky Tower to getting everyone and all of the equipment here in a matter of months. It’s absolutely awesome to be in such an iconic space, where we tell people we’re based out of the Sky Tower and you can see it blow their minds.
Your background is that you were a producer at SKY TV, what for you personally have been the biggest differences between there and working with Let’s Play Live?
Essentially it’s very similar, people may debate the name, but what we’re doing here is live sports. As far as television is concerned it’s more or less the same setup with multiple cameras setup, green screen studio areas, and a live commentary space. The only major difference for myself is that because there aren’t any players running around on the field we can use a lot more static cameras for the point of view shots. All in all though it’s the same with plenty of camera feeds coming in and putting together a lot broadcast elements to put on a show.
Speaking of putting together the camera feeds, as the key voice behind picking the equipment for the studio, what are the best toys you got for the space?
We’re still in the process of packing in the last of our equipment so I’m yet to mess around with all of the kit, but everything is looking great. We’ve got 16 4K robotic cameras throughout the studio, we’ve got beautiful monitors in the analyst room, and the three awesome 75” screens in our commentary room. We’ve also got a lot of cool toys to play with in our control room, with the one of a kind TriCaster TC1 which will give us a lot of expandability for the future, along with all of the fantastic gaming rigs in the three player pods.
It’s such an iconic space being in the Sky Tower, what has been the biggest hurdle for you and the team getting loaded into here?
The hardest thing really was loading out in to a really compact space and making the most of what we have. It took a lot of fancy design work to squeeze all of the equipment like the gaming desks and presenters’ area with the green screen etc. into these five by two meter rooms, but I’m really happy we took the time to get it right because it’s paid off, and the rooms are a lot more spacious than they actually are.
Last but not least, I know that you’re quite a fanatic gamer yourself, what tournament are you looking forward most to producing this year?
Honestly, I’m super amped to watch the CSGO Alpha Series, I’m still trying to calm down after checking out the Boston Major where Cloud9 took out the final. It was without a doubt the most exciting esports event I’ve ever seen, and we’re kicking off with the Alpha Series with some really good teams and an awesome format.
Make sure to keep up with all the action from Let’s Play Live with their CSGO Alpha Series and Arcade Reborn Series kicking off this weekend with the first of the qualifiers. You can follow them at their Twitter and also catch more of a sneak peek of the new LPL Studios from 7PM NZT tonight on Seven Sharp.