Lenovo Legion giving one lucky gamer the chance to kick start their career *UPDATE*

You're lucky I'm even reporting on this and not just keeping it to myself for the prize

*UPDATE* Guess what! We’ve had a chance to have a chat with Lenovo ANZ Gaming Business Development Manager, Ben Williams, about the initiative! And maybe offering up a few clues to folks looking to craft that perfect entry (you’re even luckier I am doing this for you now, I mean I’m not entering but I want that prize so bad). You’re welcome!

Did you know around 60% of Aussie’s have considered a career in gaming at one point or another, but only 19% have any idea how to actually get started? Lenovo knows that, apparently! They know it so well, that when they sent me this statistic, they also sent me their new initiative where one lucky individual could win the Lenovo Legion Gaming E-pprenticeship!

It’s a wild prize, honestly. And I want it, a lot. Basically, here’s the deal: Head over to Lenovo Legion’s website, fill out the form and upload a video which meets the following criteria (as taken from the website):

  • Does the applicant demonstrate a passion for a career in gaming?
  • Does the applicant have a compelling reason to find a career in gaming?
  • Is the candidate comfortable on camera (important for a streaming career)
  • Was the candidate’s submission entertaining? – can Lenovo see them becoming a gaming star or ambassador?

So, what does the lucky chosen get? $5,000, the absolute best in Legion equipment, and three one on one training sessions with industry leaders including big names like games critic and Twitch streamer, Stephanie ‘Hex’ Bendixsen and radio anchor, Founder and Managing Director of Game On AUS and General Manager of Pentanet.GG Esports, Pete Curulli! Along with representatives from the University of Queensland Union Esports and SMG Studios! That’s the kind of knowledge and mentorship that would be absolutely priceless.

But, you know, the cash and Legion gear are good too.

So, it’s a pretty straightforward process. Make a video, upload it, and then hope for the best! Just make sure you get in soon, because applications close at Midnight on Sunday the 28th of June, 2020.

Ben Williams
Lenovo ANZ Gaming Business Development Manager What does the ideal Lenovo candidate look like? I know there’s criteria on the website, sure, but in your words, what kind of person are you looking for? A competitive master? A casual funsies streamer? Someone who could tell you ever obscure fact about the history of Assassin’s Creed? Somewhere in the middle of all these?

Ben: In my eyes, there almost isn’t an “ideal” candidate, because exactly as you mentioned, there are so many aspects to what makes up a gamer in 2020. However, it will be someone that demonstrates more than just a highlight reel of clutch plays, because this isn’t an audition for an esports team.

What will definitely catch our eye when looking at Epprentice candidates will be someone that demonstrates incredible enthusiasm and a passion for their chosen career that shines-through in their submission tape.

They will be someone who entertains and inspires others to follow suit in pursuing their dream career. While not all careers in gaming require on-camera personality, we are looking for someone that can stand as an ambassador for the industry. Which is why, as part of the application we want people to show us their personality and creativity, sharing their reasons behind wanting to kick-start a career in gaming.

It is not one size fits all, they could be a coder, a voice-over artist, an up and coming streamer, a storyteller interested in game narratives, a competitive player or even someone who just wants to commentate broadcasts, who knows? We are accepting a variety of applications and what we really want to see is some personality and creativity in the video entries. That said, I’m always keen to hear your thesis on (SPOILER ALERT) whether or not Desmond REALLY stabbed Lucy at the end of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood.

Why is Lenovo Legion the perfect group to offer this E-pprenticeship? Will it offer ongoing support?

Ben: It sounds like a cliché but as a relatively new brand, ‘gamers-first’ has been built into the DNA of Legion since the beginning – with the gaming community contributing towards many of the decisions at the core of its conception. Our 2018 product portfolio was designed in consultation with over 700 gamers to ensure what we built was aligned with what gamers wanted, and even the name Lenovo Legion was crowdsourced!

We support grassroots gaming across Australia and the Asia Pacific region in many ways. We are actively engaging a growing community of gamers that include Stream Team members, Twitch and YouTube influencers and fans.

We are committed to connecting like-minded gamers and enriching the gaming community through investing in gaming tournaments, esports, gaming conventions and partnerships that give back to the community – with tournaments like our Legion of Champions (LoC) giving amateur esports players the chance to challenge themselves against a great community. And at the end of the day, the ANZ gaming industry is only as good as the ANZ gaming community, so this is a great opportunity to help develop both at the same time.

In terms of why we’re right for this epprenticeship. We have gathered a group of highly motivated and inspirational coaches for the opportunity – those that we think will have the most impact on a new entrant into the industry. While we can’t promise where they will end up at the end of the experience, our ongoing support for the industry will ensure there is a healthy local industry for them to explore with their new set of skills.

What kind of experience are you looking for? Could a complete newbie with a basic Webcam from Woolies get on and take a crack?

Ben: Absolutely. While a history of streaming, editing, gaming publicly or previous dev projects might help us get a feel for how passionate and committed you are, there is no requirement for previous experience – or fancy Full-HD streaming setups.

While we will ask that the winner gives everything a go – that means dipping their toe into streaming, game development, esports broadcasting and more – no experience is necessary, only the willingness to learn.

The Epprenticeship was created to provide our winner with the right mentorship, inspiration, experience and equipment to learn more about the gaming industry and what a future career could look like for the successful candidate – here is their chance to change gears and start a career that revolves around their passion.

What sort of progress and commitment are you looking for from your E-pprentice? What should they expect coming into the opportunity?

Ben: Coming into the experience, they should expect to get out what they put in.

The actual requirements will be reasonably minimal, with an expectation that they show up and participate in three days of training. This will give them the chance to connect with people who are in the industry and learn some tricks of the trade that we can share with the Legion community.

However, if they choose to do more; taking the opportunity to get started on that game project they have been dreaming about for years; or start that weekly stream they’ve been putting off week-after-week – we hope we will see someone that thrives.

The great thing about the gaming industry is that our creators, streamers, storytellers, community managers and journalists are all a part of a community that gives back to each other. Whether that is in the form of entertainment, advice, interactivity or community – we hope the epprentice will progress enough that we see others benefit from following their journey.

What can the Epprentice expect out of the one on one sessions?

Ben: Each session to be unique and we’re hoping different people will get different things out of them – particularly given we can’t be sure what the epprentice will be bringing to the table in terms of their own experience and interests.

They will learn about how our coaches got to where they are, what was involved in securing the jobs they have today and how they would recommend the epprentice gets started. Covering everything from tech set up tips for streaming through to the easiest ways to get started in game development and how you can build your own esports career by getting involved in local initiatives.

We’re hoping one-on-one time with the coaches we’ve chosen will provide both personal and industry insights that one can only get out of speaking with those in the job roles they wish to land.

Above all else, we hope the Epprentice will get inspiration out of these sessions. Speaking from experience, the more time you spend with people making a living in the industry, the more you believe you can make do it yourself – turning hobby into your dream career.

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