Lenovo Legion announces their Epprenticeship winner

Spoilers: It wasn't me :(

A winner has been found for Lenovo’s Epprenticeship, one of the biggest opportunities to pop up online in a long time. I did not win. Okay, so maybe I didn’t even actually apply in the end, or anything. But it still could have and should have absolutely been me, but, failing that, an absolutely worthy winner was found in Amy Campbell, A.K.A, SassQueenAmy.

Amy is a New Zealand based fitness instructor by day, thousand and one side hustler by night, she’s been chosen because she has that real sort of motivation to be involved in the games industry, with everything from studying Game Design and Digital Media at University through to being a fellow freelance writer for various gaming publications.

And, naturally, Lenovo realised this is a perfect fit for what they’re looking for and got right on that. Commenting on her selection as Epprentice, Amy said:

Iā€™m delighted to be selected as the Lenovo Legion Epprentice. I cannot wait to share my love for gaming with the broader community and I am excited to meet, and learn from, the mentors selected for this program. With COVID-19 massively disrupting my working life, I had the time to consider what I value and what I want to put out into the world. A timely reminder for me to continue to pursue my dream ā€“ which can be difficult without the right guidance.

And, as a quick reminder as to what she’s walking away with (and what I am not walking away with šŸ™ ), Amy receives $5,000 and the latest in Lenovo tech to optimise her stream, as well as all kinds of industry mentoring, with three one on one mentoring sessions with industry giants such as Stephanie ‘Hex’ Bendixson and Pete Curulli, among others.

Lenovo’s Ben Williams was happy to comment on what exactly made Amy that perfect selection:

Amy has not only demonstrated an interest in a career in the industry by pursuing freelancing writing gigs for gaming publications, but has continually sought to expand her knowledge of the industry through education. With a broad ranging interest spanning a number of fields in gaming, we think Amy will thrive with the diverse lessons and mentorship offered through the Epprenticeship.

So, essentially, Amy really does sound like the kind of person that’s going to take this opportunity by the horns and run with it. I know all of us here at GTG wish her all the best (and are not at all even a little bit jealous)!

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