Interviewing Legacy Raid about Rift Rivals!

Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of interviewing Legacy eSport’s ADC, Raid about Rift Rivals!

Will: I am here with the ADC from Legacy eSports, Raid! Introduce yourself!
Raid: I’m Julian or Raid. I play ADC for Legacy eSport’s League of Legends team.
W: I see that you have been playing in the OPL Split 1, how is that going for you?
R:  So far we are 2 wins 2 losses, it hasn’t gone how we expected. We are 7th place, but the new system doesn’t favour us at all. Every time we have lost we have been 2-0’d so we get no points. But, when we win, we haven’t 2-0’d.
W: So you’re competing tonight at 5 PM against Unsold Stuff Gaming, how do you expect that to go down?
R: Yeah we do, it will be a pretty good game.

W: How does your team prepare for games such as the Rift Rivals?
R: It’s kind of hard to prepare against teams like these because we don’t have too much information on them and we don’t get to verse them ever, so we have to focus on our game. Being from OCE, it’s really hard to prepare so we just focus on our game and try to play how we play at our best.
W: How confident are you guys going into Rift Rivals?
R:  Yeah. We are still fixing a lot of issues with our team and we are currently stuck in the middle of Rift Rivals right now. But I think we can win tonight.
W: When was the last time you guys have competed in front of a live crowd or have you never?
R: I personally have never competed in front of a live crowd. I think only my mid laner has.
W: Do you guys see any other teams as threats going into Rift Rivals?
R: I think [DetonatioN FocusMe] was pretty good, we scrimmed them, they look pretty good. But I think the OCE teams are a lot better, to be honest. I reckon the chiefs are definitely the best and they came off shakey with a loss last night.
W: I imagine you have been following the games closely?
R: Yeah, we have been watching all the games. We are in a big practise room together so we all watch each other games. 
W: How do you think that OCE will compare to the other regions in Rift Rivals?
R: I think we are the best region at Rift Rivals, but I think we are still far behind the bigger regions such as China, North America or Korea.
W: How did you get into Competitive League of legends?
R: I kind of just played a lot. I was Diamond 5 and I started watching the LCS and saw how cool it was to play on stage in front of people, and I got super motivated and started grinding and watching vods.
W: So you play ADC for Legacy. Have you always played ADC?
R: No, I used to play Support and duo with my friend, he was my ADC but he quit the game. I hated supporting anyone else so I just changed roles to ADC.
W: The Meta has changed a lot in the bot lane. Have you guys adapted well? Whats your view on the new meta?
R: I personally don’t like it, but ADC’s are still really good. ADC won’t go away and mages are being pushed away with the new rageblade nerf. You can play anything you want bot. Mages will be good for another 2-3 patches and then they will fade away.
W: We have been seeing lots of weird ADC’s like Brand and Ziggs, whats been the strangest pick you have done or seen in the bot lane so far?
R: I have played a few, but we like to play standard bot lane. When we played Chiefs week 1, they played Ornn Allistar. My whole team was laughing in the champ select, but it was actually really strong. I knew it would work but it didn’t seem good but we got destroyed.

It was funny, I’d walk into lane as Kallista and just see an Ornn and Alistar walk into lane in an OPL match. 
W: Has it been mostly the  Solo queue as well as the pro meta that has changed recently?
R: It’s been pro and solo-queue. If you are in Solo you probably see a lot more troll stuff, bit more random stuff that doesn’t work.

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