Layer One – What is it and why should I use it for my streams?

What is Layer One you ask? What does it do and why do I need it for my streams?

That is a great question. Layer One is an all-in-one, highly customizable platform that allows you to you view multiple aspects of the different programs we refer to while streaming, all in one place. You can edit the modules to include things such as stream chat, notifications, current viewers, uptime, clock and even parts of your Twitch dashboard.
You can also add as many random things as you would like, such as Monthly top donator, cheers, how many people are currently hosting you, an audience list (breaks down how many moderators, subscribers, followers, returning viewers are watching), Subscription points (How many subs you have, how many you need for the next emote), emote counter (Which emotes and how many times they have been used in your current stream). PLUS SO MUCH MORE!

About Layer one:

“Live streaming should be easy, so we created Layer One to help broadcasters engage their communities with an all-in-one cloud based utility. We leverage ingenuity, years of experience, and our passion for content creation to help influencers follow their dreams and hit their goals. – Layer one”

Layer one will be super helpful for those with minimal desktop space. Utilising even a two monitor setup with Layer one will give you so much more freedom and will possibly even save you some computing power due to not needing multiple open windows.

For me, Layer one allows me to really keep up with my chat while having notifications right there as well. Interacting with viewers is one thing I really love doing and making that easier, for me, makes streaming a hell of a lot more enjoyable.

A few things that I love about Layer one:

  • Being able to edit the whole layout and making it exactly how I want it
  • The amount of options the free version gives you (for streamers starting out, I feel this is important)
  • Having parts of my dashboard right there is perfect. Being able to switch game and change title without “alt tabbing” or having to switch website is amazing.
  • The emote counter. This allows me to see what emotes my viewers love to use and also shows the ones they never use. Meaning I can keep updating my emotes until I find ones they will love and use all the time.
  • Having everything in one place so I can keep streaming and keep up to date with everything with as minimal effort as possible.
  • I HATE “alt tabbing” so this is perfect for me

A few things I do not like about Layer one:

  • Sometimes Layer one does not update quick enough
  • Sometimes notifications do not come through as quick as OBS/XSplit shows them (Probably the updating issue mentioned above)

I have been using Layer one for probably the last 6 months now. I really wanted to use this a lot, change up how I used it and tried everything possible with this before writing about it.

I can say that I absolutely love layer one and would recommend this to anyone who is a current streamer or a new streamer. You may not like it, you may like how you currently have your setup but I would definitely say to give it a go and hopefully it makes your streaming a little or a lot easier.