Knack II – Review

Somehow, I must have missed the first Knack but I’m glad I didn’t miss the second.

Developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Japan Studio and Mark Cerny, Knack returns bigger and better than ever in this sequel, Knack II exclusively for the PS4.

With a grin on my face I got lost in the game and before I knew it I’d been playing nearly 3 hours straight.

A fun and addictive platformer that will engage the whole family. The pace of gameplay ensures even us older ones can keep up and the puzzle aspect makes us feel a little bit clever. Unsure what I was in for at the start I jumped in with no preconceptions or expectations. Pleasantly surprised best describes my initial thoughts. The games namesake Knack, is controlled by you the player who needs to solve puzzles to find ways to proceed through levels while battling baddies. With a grin on my face I got lost in the game and before I knew it I’d been playing nearly 3 hours straight.

The mix of action, puzzles and battles are just right to keep you wanting to press on. Along the way, there are items to collect and you upgrade abilities and attack moves as the ferocity of opponents increases. With the seemingly not very useful humans in tow, you learn how to control Knack through the early stages and the baked in tutorial was easy to follow. The learning was intuitive not just for me but when my 8-year-old nephew gave it a go he had no trouble following the simple instructions and was solving puzzles and battling baddies unassisted from the get-go.

Knack is a large “relic” which attracts many small relics to itself to create a large living organism.

With his body being made up of small pieces, Knack can drop these to become just over 2 feet tall to access areas that he is normally too big for. This ability adds to the puzzle elements and makes for additional ways to explore some areas. Press a button and all those parts come flying back returning Knack to his larger self. During battles Knack will become smaller and smaller as these parts are knocked away when taking damage.

The player controls Knack while the camera follows along and dictates where the player can go in a similar fashion to most classic platformers. Environments are vibrant and colourful adding to the rich sensory experience. As you increase Knacks abilities and progress through the game he can build himself up with different materials like iron and ice which then become a part of the puzzle solving. When big Knack needs to operate a pressure plate to solve a puzzle he can shrink while standing on the plate leaving behind the iron to activate the pressure switch while little Knack heads on.

To avoid the disputes of who goes next there is a two player co-op mode that allows a second player to join or leave the game at any time.

Knack 2 is an enjoyable game that offers enough variety and problem solving to keep most anyone happily engaged without the need for too much storyline. Light and fun entertainment. Just like the good old days of gaming.

  • Classic Platformer Action – Knack’s size-shifting ways come into play with classic platforming action, allowing players to take advantage of his abilities in order to move past revolving platforming sequences.


  • Dynamic and Robust Combat System – With over 20 moves including flying kicks, boomerang attacks, powerful body slams, a barrage of multi-punches, and even parrying enemy attacks right back at them; Knack will continue to expand his skillset as players progress throughout the game.


  • Engaging Puzzles – Challenging and diverse puzzles will force players to take advantage of Knack’s various ever-moving parts; whether it’s utilizing his size-shifting abilities or implementing the right move at the perfect time.


  • Co-Op Mode– Join in on the fun with an engaging two player co-op mode, which offers a variety of special two-person combo moves. Co-Op mode also allows players to seamlessly enter or leave the game at any given moment.


  • Family-Friendly Adventure – From long time nostalgic platform era enthusiasts to newcomers alike, Knack II features accessible and vibrant gameplay for players of any skill level.

Platforms: PlayStation4 and PlayStation4 Pro

Genre: Action / Adventure / Platformer

Players: Single player campaign, 2 player co-op

Release: September 6, 2017

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