Total Fame’s Kitten Casualty – the Card Game Review

How to Play

Normally I write a detailed how to here, but their previous Kickstarter video explains it in a more entertaining why than I ever could. Plus it allows you to understand the weird and whimsical game that is Kitten Casual.

Kitten casualty is an absolutely ridiculous game that you can’t help but loving. It is light, fun, take anywhere and easy to learn but bizarrely weird. To me, it feels like the game I expected when I got exploding kitten; Stunning, whimsical and ridiculous art with actually game play.
I brought Kitten Casualty to a recent BBQ, yeah I know a BBQ in May in Australia wasn’t the smartest idea. But filled with burgers and an amber liquid, we started the afternoon with a few games of Kitten Casualty. We played it about 4 or 5 times then moved on to a few heavier game; but we seemed to come back to it after almost ever games we played. It is such a quick, fun and whimsically looking game, that we couldn’t help enjoying it.
Normally when it comes to games that kill off opponents, I’m not the biggest fan of them. Too many times have I seen people sit out for long periods of time, get bored and start disliking the game due to these long waits. I have actually sent back games to designers that have this rule in the game. Kitten Casualty has redeemed this game rule for me.
As you get to 500 points (to knock a player out) within a turn or two of several other players getting there too. As everyone starts getting up to the knockout stage, strategy plays a huge part. You’ll find playing this the first few times, you will be playing cards quick and loose, then once the first person gets eliminated; the game slows down. Action cards begin to be played with a purpose, not just because the cards are funny or silly.

The thing that makes Kitten Casualty so eye catching and allows you to easily connect with it, is the art. The art is amazing, I love it so much. As one of the girls at the BBQ said ‘It’s Meme-tastic’ and I agree. It has this internet cartoon feel that just brings a smile to your face.

I have to admit it, I hate the Cat Lord. 3 times I tried to get it, and didn’t get it once. Not to mention, it killed me twice, but it is a great addition to the game. My advice is, if you are going after the Cat Lord know it isn’t easy to get; but getting it is amazing in game!
Kitten Casualty is a fun, light game that is easily taught and get the hang of it. It is not the type of game spend a whole night playing, but a great filler game that breaks up a night perfectly.

Kitten Casualty If you are after a copy of Kitten Casualty you can pick one up from their website here for $22 NZD.

Kitten Casualty - The Remastered EditionOr you can check out the new and improved Kitten Casualty Remastered on Kickstarter here for just $26 NZD ($23.95 AUD)