Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World of Tres- Debuts in Sydney

Listen. We all know the music in the Kingdom Hearts series absolutely slaps. Even the PR guy in the press release email I got used the word ‘slaps’ to describe the music. It’s a fact. So what better way to take part in The Slappening by appreciating the music of the Kingdom Hearts series live in concert, in the first, and only, time in Australia?
Kingdom Hearts -World of Tres- takes a look back at the 15 years of Kingdom Hearts, now that the Xehanort saga has concluded. So it’s the perfect time to revisit the key moments through the glory of music, with the concert touring around the world and, naturally, that includes Australia. Specifically, Sydney. Even more specifically, Sydney Town Hall on October the 19th.
The show is produced by series director Tetsuya Nomura, who put together the video program while the concert itself is put together by legendary composers Yoko Shinomura, Takeharu Ishimoto and Tsuyoshi Sekito. So you know it’s going to be really, really good.
The concert will also feature for the first time live on stage, orchestral renditions of the new tracks ‘Face My Fears’ and ‘Don’t Think Twice’, as well as new compositions for classics like ‘Dearly Beloved’ and ‘Simple and Clean’.
The first half of the concert is dedicated to reliving key story moments throughout the games, ending with the incredible ‘Diabolic Bash’ boss medley. The second half of the concert is all about celebrating the newly released Kingdom Hearts III. All in all it’s over two hours of amazing audio, visual and nostalgia action.
Tickets are available now and are probably going to go super quick, so be sure to grab yours sooner rather than later!