Notable Features of July Xbox Update

As E3 wraps up for the year, we welcome a new Xbox update that adds some much-requested features. The July update enables an easier way to find content and improvements to Mixer. Read on to find out more details on this July update.

July Xbox Update

Notable features:

  1. FastStart enablement for select English language titles
  2. Enhancement to Pins called “Groups” allowing users to create multiple content collections
  3. Additional search options for content
  4. Mixer Share Controller Improvements
  5. Full-screen webcam broadcasting on Mixer
  6. Console broadcasting quality and stability improvements


FastStart enabled for select titles

A new innovation that allows you to jump into your games twice as fast and play after downloading just a fraction of it. The feature known as FastStart works by identifying the files required to begin playing and prioritising the download of those files first. This gives you the ability to quickly jump into your anticipated gameplay while the remainder of your title downloads in the background.
To enable this feature, simply find the FastStart-enabled title you want to play, hit the download button and your console will take care of the rest. You can get more details about FastStart here.

Group your games and apps

The July Update introduces a powerful new enhancement called “Groups”. Groups will make it easier for you to keep your groups and apps organised. Groups will let you create multiple collections of content made up of anything from within My Games & Apps.
Each group can also be assigned its own custom name, you can organise and order them in whatever way suits you, and add it to Home. The best thing about this new feature, Groups are tied to your Xbox Live account, so they will automatically sync across multiple Xbox One consoles.
xbox group

More search options

It will now be easier for you to search for content from anywhere in the dashboard. Simply press the Y button to bring up the search dialogue allowing you to easily launch your content, sift through Settings, or find products in the Store.

Mixer Share Controller improvements

Share Controller has been made easier to use on the web. They’ve enabled full mouse and keyboard support for PC users, along with Share Controller Key Bindings.
Multi-touch support for touch-enabled devices has been added allowing multiple controls to be used at the same time. And, a per-channel leaderboard that spotlights viewers who have contributed to a streamer’s channel has been added as a part of this update.

Full-Screen webcam broadcasting on Mixer

Mixer streamers will be happy to know that they can now go full screen with their webcam while broadcasting. While in this mode, game audio is muted. It gives you the perfect opportunity to talk to your audience while switching from game to game or setting up before gameplay. Or, you could even do all IRL broadcasts.

Console broadcasting quality and stability improvements

You will now experience improved performance when broadcasting bandwidth-heavy multiplayer. The July Update brought about a number of changes and fixes to improve overall broadcast video quality.

Where to find more information

The input of Xbox Insiders is what helps bring these updates to life. You can help create the future of Xbox and get access to early features by downloading the Xbox Insider Hub app. Or, you can also visit the Xbox Insider blog for the latest release notes and to learn more,