CheezTV Hosts Jade & Ryan Launch New Web Series

Jade Gatt and Ryan Lappin of CheezTV return to screens near you with new web series.

Last night, Australia’s favourite larrikins Jade Gatt and Ryan Lappin returned once again to announce their new “Jade & Ryan” web series, which is set to air every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:30am on both Facebook and YouTube.
Designed to kickstart your day in true Jade & Ryan fashion, each episode will run for 5 to 10 minutes, packing in as much energy as we’ve all come to expect from the boys. Whether it’s movie reviews, let’s plays, interviews, live music performance or even the classic Jade & Ryan mailbag, this new series has it all.
“Jade & Ryan” is crowdfunded by Patreon, offering fans an exclusive range of bonus content in return for their subscription, with a “Watch Along With” Movie Commentary of the classic 80s sci-fi flick ‘Big Trouble In Little China’ as their first offering.

“We just felt it was about time we gave back to the people who supported us all those years ago; and who continue to support us today with whatever projects we’re working on”, reveals Gatt.

Following the cancellation of Cheez TV in 2004, Gatt and Lappin went their separate ways to pursue new ventures. In 2015, they teamed up with Brendan Dando of the popular Simpsons Podcast; “Four Finger Discount” to launch the Cheez TV Facebook page. After the overwhelmingly positive reaction from fans on the Cheez TV Facebook Page; they realised it was the right time to launch a new show as a duo.

Jade Gatt and Ryan Lappin of CheezTV
Jade Gatt and Ryan Lappin of CheezTV then and now

“The support from our fans was completely unexpected when we put our old tapes online. Television in the nineties was very much a one-way medium to us;  while we knew there were fans out there; we didn’t realise the impact we were having on so many people. As we now move into the social media age; we now have a more immediate and direct connection with our audience; which will certainly shape the progression of the show.” says Lappin.

The original idea for the “Jade & Ryan” web series was born when the duo teamed up with Adrian Davis of Sydney-based media company, in 2016.

“From the first meeting with Jade and Ryan; it was clear that who they portrayed on television was exactly who they were off-screen; and to think they still have such a dynamic and unique chemistry; after being off the air for over a decade, it’s both incredible as it is exciting” says Davis.

Gatt includes, “We have worked on this project ‘secret squirrel style’; as we wanted to ensure that it was our show; a true reflection of what we wanted to put out there. We have a great team behind the show who want to bring this vision to life, and it’s finally here!”

When it came to selecting Patreon to help fund the show, Lappin believes it was a no-brainer. “Our whole team have given their personal time and own finances to make this show a reality; and while that’s what’s got us to this point. Patreon was the obvious next step in guaranteeing the show can continue to develop and evolve. This is our life now and we just feel so blessed to once again have the opportunity to entertain the nation; with hopes we can one day take this internationally.” he explains.

“Jade & Ryan” is proudly sponsored by RØDE Microphones, Planet55 Studios and