Interview with the captain of Fnatic, Maikil “Golden” Selim

I had the chance today to have an interview with the captain of Fnatic, Maikil “Golden” Selim and I asked him a few questions about the Australian Counterstrike scene at the moment.

Will: How are you enjoying IEM Sydney 2018 so far and what do you think of the crowd?
Golden: Its very very good, they have done a very good job with all the practice rooms and the atmosphere is very good.
Will: So you played FaZe Clan yesterday, how did that go for Fnatic?
Golden: It didn’t go  as we wanted honestly, but the thing is coming into that match we felt that we should have done so much better, we were the favorites as they had a roster change so there is a part of their gameplay missing as well, and we felt that we were the better team by a margin, and we haven’t felt bad about them since their roster got into shape, and ours as well. They have also been our kryptonite, and I mean, we didn’t play like how we should have.
Will: After watching a few Australian teams play, how do you think the Australian scene has held up in comparison to the international talent?
Golden: They have been surprising a lot of people, they have been surprising everyone. They have been playing good, they are doing what they are doing in practice I assume, they are taking duels that are risky and that is what they feel comfortable with and they’re winning, so I guess that is their strong point. You see some plays they make, it’s not very calculated.
Will: Are there any teams that you would like to see win IEM Sydney 2018?
Golden: Not really, I mean I have no favorites. Of course, if there were Australian teams in the finals, I would cheer for them but unfortunately not.

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