Speaking with Stewie2K of SK Gaming about IEM Sydney 2018

IEM Sydney has been amazing this past week with plenty of action from the 16 teams competing. Luckily, I had the chance to ask Stewie2K a few questions about IEM Sydney and his match against Grayhound a few days back.

Will: How are you enjoying IEM Sydney so far?
Stewie2K: It’s good! Beautiful city here, first time, so I think going out exploring and not staying locked up in the hotel is good.

Will: I saw you recently played Grayhound, how did that go?
Stewie2K: Not too good for us, I think if we played them again we would show a different face. I feel like we didn’t show the real SK. It will take some time for us. But hopefully, by ESL Dallas, we will be in force.
Will: Playing Grayhounds, how do you now feel about the Australian CS:GO scene?
Stewie2K: I think they’re pretty good. I feel compared to the past, the Australian scene could be a lot better than a lot of scenes I’ve seen. I think if they keep progressing, there will be a pretty good top team in Australia.
Will: Have you been enjoying SK for the past month?
Stewie2K: Yeah, of course, they are pretty welcoming. They are all pretty cool. It’s like a family style team, so its pretty welcoming.
Will: Are you excited to compete at Dallas with SK?
Stewie2K: Yeah I am. It’s my second time there and last year the crowd there was really good, so hopefully, we can perform on stage.

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