Interstellar Space: Genesis, a spiritual successor to Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares and other classic 4X titles from the ‘90s, has hit the fabled Alpha milestone. 

Developed by Portuguese studio Praxis GamesInterstellar Space: Genesis is a turn-based space 4X strategy game where you play as the Emperor of a space-faring civilization. You’re free to explore the wonders of space – colonizing other worlds and expanding their sphere of influence across the stars … where untold mysteries and danger await. Venturing into outer space, it soon becomes clear that you are not alone in the universe. In fact, meeting other species is a virtual certainty: What will you say (or do) when you end up facing off against another sentient species? Will there be peace, cooperation, and progress – or will there be blood?
The brainchild of Adam Solo and Hugo Rosado – the team behind sci-fi strategy website – Interstellar Space: Genesis will deliver beloved Master of Orion II-inspired gameplay mechanics while providing the “quality of life” features players have come to expect from modern titles.

“My initial vision for Interstellar Space: Genesis was prompted by some basic questions: What types of beings will the first explorers meet once they leave Earth’s gravity well behind? And what will happen when humankind makes actual first contact? That was the beginning, the initial spark. I didn’t know for sure how much I’d want to innovate, but I knew in my heart that the game would be a space 4X game and that the gameplay could not be very different from the two games I loved to play the most growing up – namely Master of Orion and its incredible sequel.”

– Adam Solo (Co-Founder, Praxis Games)

“Space has been my passion since childhood. I was lucky to have a professional career in the space industry; at both the European Space Agency and private aerospace space company Elecnor Deimos. Now, I’m still in the space industry; but the venue is quite different; We are developing our first 4X title, and our launch is just within reach. Hopefully, everyone who gets to play this Alpha build; will love it as much as we’ve been enjoying the development process itself!”

– Hugo Rosado (Co-Founder, Praxis Games)


Interstellar Space: Genesis is available for pre-orders; with instant access via Humble Store widget from November 29 through December 16 for $24.95 USD.

Pre-orders will close after that, and will soon be followed by the official Closed Beta. The Steam store page is available, and the game is available for wishlisting. Interstellar Space: Genesis will be released on Q2 2019.