Day 1 of IEM Sydney 2018 Rundown!

So that’s it for day 1 of IEM Sydney. And here is the rundown!

FaZe vs Fnatic

FaZe had an absolute field day over Fnatic during the first live BO3 match of IEM Sydney. The 3 map picks where Cache, Mirage and Inferno.
FaZe was able to take down fnatic 9:6 in the first half, and ended in a 16:8.
Mirage was more stressful for FaZe. Mirage was Fnatic’s pick but they ended up only getting 5 rounds in the first half. The first half ended with 10:5 but after a stressful 2nd half, FaZe took the win with 16:14!

IEM Sydney 2018

Renegades vs mousesports

This match was probably the most intense match we have seen at IEM Sydney 2018 so far.
Everything seemed to be going well for mousesports when they obliterated Renegades in the first half of Mirage with 7 rounds before Renegades got the chance to secure their own. The first half ended in a 5:10 (mousesports’ way). Things didn’t look too bright for Renegades in the second half either. They were only able to secure 2 rounds. mousesports took the win with a final score of 16:7.
The 2nd map Inferno is where things started to get really stressful! Renegades were down 4:11 on the first half. But the home crowd wasn’t ready to give up hope on the Renegades as the constant cheers and claps worked with Renegades getting 11 rounds in the second half and mousesports getting 4. When the match was tied, Renegades seemed to have warmed up and started really showing us the real Renegades. The map went to triple overtime, where Renegades secured the map with 25:23. During Inferno, Nifty (Renegades) managed to pick up 51 kills: only 8 being not AWP kills!

Map 3 Train was devastating! It was an even first and second half, with both teams scoring 8:7 both halves. The map ended with a tie. In overtime, mousesports was able to take 4 consecutive rounds, ending with a 15:19 win. This knocked Renegades out of IEM Sydney and granted mousesports a spot in the semi-finals against Astralis!

Stay tuned tomorrow for tomorrows Day 2 of IEM Sydney Wrap-up/Run down!

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