Presented well, but logic misplaced; Let’s discuss: I fell from Grace

When I was offered this game to review for this site,
I was lit up inside, filled with delight!
What an interesting game I find in the inbox:
Pixelated graphics, Nice Story this rocks!
Though at the risk of already spoiling the pieces ending,
There were gameplay issues I won’t be defending.

First, we discuss the game’s display, from the visuals to what characters say

It would be a problem if I didn’t start praising,
This game on its unique grammatical phrasing.
See, not unlike this game review’s text,
Each line in this game seems to rhyme with the next.
I’ll quite simply say I like this odd twist
Using childish rhyme schemes like this.
Despite often being full of bright sunshine and flowers,
It’s wonderfully off-kilter when the subject is dour.
This standard metre is used throughout,
Descriptions of objects or in pain crying out.
In fact, on the odd occasions when the rhyming is has stopped,
It’s actually really odd and makes you feel creeped out and uncomfortable
Like you’ve read it wrong but all the words are there.

Anyhow, the rest of this subject is interesting enough,
The pixelated graphics are great, but I’ve mentioned that stuff.
Music is also nice and calm,
But enough of this applause, let’s talk about qualms.

Well, what about this plot? Is it good? Is it not?

As I hinted previously, the plot is a bit dark,
The contrast to the presentation is rather stark.
You are Henry, dealing with the struggles of life,
Dead end job and a terminally ill wife.
So to save her you return to your biochem occupation,
Surely you may stumble on Grace’s salvation.
And with this backstory begins your quest antiviral,
But beware as this could start your downward spiral.
On the topic of this premise, my thoughts genuine:
What an interesting way to show such a moral decline.
Your job, your spouse and your ethics are a juggle,
But after playing the game, it feels like a struggle.
A lot of this comes down to mechanics in question,
As such, I’ll drop it in the gameplay section.
Let’s instead delve into some odd little quirks
In the story’s twist, ok fine, mild spoilers (you jerks).
See the plot is infected with fantastical elements, it’s chronic,
At least when the subject’s angelic or demonic.
The plot spins out, an epic careening,
Also, why are there ghost kids intervening?
For some, this may be a nice expression,
Of Post-Trauma stress coupled with lots of repression.
But where I enjoyed such a personal tale,
It’s hard to enjoy in its mythic scale.
Though the ending, I say, is when it really balloons,
No longer a drama, but a giant cartoon.
I won’t go into details lest I go ahead and spoil it,
But it’s so out there the original premise is in the toilet.
In a twisted kind of way things start to make sense,
But to me, it was just crazy and much too intense.

Finally, it’s time to say, the problems found in the gameplay

So it is time we must scrutinise,
The parts I disliked, that seemed unwise.
For that, we turn our gaze to mechanics,
The difficulties I had were at times titanic.
The framing is inventory puzzles: fairly standard fare,
Take the keys and unlock that door over there.
Of course, the puzzles are much more advanced,
But with that, any issues following along are enhanced.
After returning to play you may have forgotten a current objective,
Which only leaves you wandering through the large world, sans directive.
This can lead, of course, to drastic measures,
And when moral gameplay is present, it causes displeasures.
Yes! A game that’s all about poor man’s descent,
Makes ethical dilemmas rather frequent.
It is an interesting proposition, a puzzler with choices.
Stroll different paths and hear some new voices.
But as I said mere bars ago,
You lose some control if you don’t know.
What is your decision? What is the game’s story?
Do you have to break eggs? Is it meant to be gory?
Furthermore a grievance, I’ll admit rather dumb,
But all items collected should be used: rule of thumb.
Consider the telescope and the time to put together,
An instrument that showed nothing but weather.
Despite warnings of ethics and being creep-branded,
There were no fights, loves, no one present being candid.
Or what of the chemicals taken from the cleaner,
I used it for nothing, maybe I could if I was meaner.
Maybe this isn’t a flaw worthy of fury,
But it exacerbated the problems and kept them enduring.

Here’s a summary: an outline, and with it the verdict I will now opine

So, with all the things said and all the things done,
Was this game good? Was it real fun?
In the grand scheme of things, I personally say no.
There far too many stop signs here and not enough road.
The pieces were there, the stage was set well,
The rhyming lines and the pixel style looked and felt swell.
But the trailer ends and the game does start,
And the further I played, the more it fell apart.
So, to you dear reader: Is this something you should try?
It may look something to dip your toes inside.
But, before I go, the only thing I have to say:
It’s far too reasonable needing a walkthrough to play.

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