HyperX announce partnership with Street Fighter player Bonchan

HyperX Now the Headset Sponsor of Street Fighter Champion Bonchan

HyperX, the gaming division of Kingston Technology, today announced the official headset sponsorship of Masato “Bonchan” Takahashi, also known as “The King of Sagat Players.” Bonchan, a Red Bull athlete, is beloved by many fans due to his devotion to fighting games and their community. They will provide him with premium gaming headsets for tournaments, daily practice, and live streaming.
As a world renowned fighting game pro player, Bonchan earned his success in Street Fighter V the hard way. He started with Ryu as his main character but did not find much success in the beginning of the game’s lifespan. For his breakthrough, Bonchan switched to Nash and slowly started to climb through the ranks again. He proved himself as the best Nash player in the world by winning Saigon Cup 2017, The Colosseum 2017, and the championship title at Battle Arena Melbourne 9. His never-give-up attitude towards fighting games deeply moved many fans, making him one of the most popular fighting game players globally.

“HyperX is known for supporting the fighting game community.  Their headsets provide the ultimate comfort and audio quality I need for gaming and streaming. I look forward to wearing them and winning every important match.”

said Bonchan.


“We welcome Bonchan to join the HyperX Family; following the steps of a few Japanese fighting game players; such as Daigo, Echofox’s Tokido, Momochi and Chocoblanka.  By supporting these globally top players; HyperX aims to help players bring out their best game; and ultimately elevate the popularity of fighting games in the global gaming arena.”

said Susan Yang, Marketing Director, APAC Region, HyperX.