Hyper Universe – Review

Ok Hyper Universe is a  side-scrolling action MOBA.
MOBA by the way, I have now learned, means Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.
And OMG it is so much fun.
In Hyper Universe, players take control of a “Hyper,” such as a ferocious venus fly trap, or a mongoose atop his best friend rhinoceros, all with different abilities and fighting skills that are meant to bring the ruckus.
Depending on flavor, players can choose to play Hyper Universe with two-handed keyboard only or game controllers compatible with PS4, Xbox, Logitech, or Steam.
Personally for me I went for the controller.
I struggled with one aspect of the tutorial, because I wasn’t reading the instructions properly (which you can see below), but when I finally get to play online with others I thoroughly enjoy myself.
So lets that break this baby down.
Key notes to remember: The Game is in early access mode, so it is still being developed.
You need to go through the tutorial so you understand how things work on the game, otherwise you will flounder (especially if you have no idea what the fuck you are doing…like me..see below)

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Its not an overly complicated game, so easy to learn and it’s more than your average brawler game.
Basically in Hyper Universe, you can play in a randomly selected team to take on another team, join a team to create your own dream team, or you can play vs computer , vs one/one.
The objective of the game is you have to defeat the opposing team by destroying their towers, while protecting your own, while trying to level up in the other levels of the map.
Ultimately once you destroy their base your team wins.
Gameplay is fast and fun, Team play is a must when taking on opposing teams and there is a reward thing called cubes in which you can make objects/items for your characters.
In regards to characters there is a decent amount of characters and personality to choose from.   Keeping in mind that differing characters have different strengths and reaction times which is necessary in terms of team strategy.
With the fact that this game is still in early access, queue times can be a bit long, and server reliability can be an issue, however it is still in beta so I am going to give it the benefit of the doubt, but loses a star for this.
Overall for pure enjoyment – I quite enjoyed it so it gets a star.

Artwork from the dragon map on Hyper Universe

I love the artwork, its pretty, and I like pretty artwork.
The characters look fine, there are 2 maps so far, so it will be nice if they manage to get some more maps uploaded for better variety.
The home page design of the game just feels too busy and complicated on face value, and I think if they simplified this page it wouldn’t be so overwhelming.
Cost and Accessibility.
Okay so this is where it gets no star.
Hyper Universe in early release on steam and  costs $15.99.
Which at the moment in its current status I don’t think justifies buying it just yet, and the fact it is still receiving updates will annoy those people who just want to have a good solid jam.
$15.99 for just two maps and long server times just seems like a bit too much to ask at the moment.
So this game has a lot of mixed reviews on Steam, but it actually has nothing to do with the gameplay, so don’t be fooled.
Negative reviews on Steam are actually about the fact that the gamemakers Nexon reduced the size of the female characters breasts and these whiny gamers are crying censorship.
And yes they are whiny bitches because breast reduction is hardly a rally cry for anti censorship.
Even so the change was made due to responses in alpha testing.  So while anti breast reduction of fake characters supporters troll the game with negative reviews,  it’s quite obvious that this game is not supposed to appeal to the sensitive mammary group who seem to be looking for more of a porn fix than a game.
Raziel Warmonic the Nexon Admin responded to this weird little witch hunt with this comment
“In alpha, there was a pretty hot debate in a forum thread (which ended up being our longest forum thread for alpha) about how the females are presented in the game, 5 forum pages later a few people agreed that a compromise between super busty/skimpy and covering up might be for the best. This is what we are attempting to do. We want to keep the appeal of the female characters (and males for that matter!) while not offending anyone. We want to keep the artist’s integrity in-check, but make the game inviting to not only play, but watch as well.”
And to be honest if that’s all it takes to get rid of creepy whiny male game bitches, then fuck off petal, it will make my gameplay that more enjoyable, granted, that’s if they can get the server issue thing sorted.
Now for the judgement: As much as I enjoy this game I can only give this game 2 stars.
Game server reliability in a MOBA is a key aspect of online gaming enjoyment, and long wait times seriously diminish a player’s enjoyment.
Once that issue is sorted I have no doubt that this game will have longevity amongst the steam community, who prefer gameplay on steam.
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