Hyper Universe Release

The intensely fun action brawler, Hyper Universe, is officially launching.

On Jan. 17, 2018 Hyper Universe will be available on PC through Steam and the Nexon Launcher. Players can download the game for free and experience the fast-paced, stylized side-scrolling action across multiple maps in a challenging 4v4 team setup.

With the official launch, players will see a re-balanced core experience with an emphasis on individual skill and coordinated team play. Items available to purchase through the Hyper Universe shop will be cosmetic only. Which allows players to deck out their favorite Hypers with fresh skins while still maintaining the integrity of the game’s skill requirements.

Also launching along with the game is the biggest Hyper content update yet. Refueling the Universe with exciting new interactions and team compositions. With the addition of six new Hypers, one for each class. Players will get to test their skills with Tae’guk, Sonya, Perseus, Han, Camilla and Gulunba, and find themselves in a heated brawl as one of 41 unique Hypers total.

Early Access done right!

Since releasing through Steam’s Early Access program this past August. The development team carefully reviewed all player feedback, implementing wide-ranging gameplay changes.

We want to thank our passionate and dedicated community for their hard work to help shape the development of this game. We eagerly await their response when it goes live for everyone later this month.

-Jungsoo Lee, General Manager of Nexon America

Nexon America also released a trailer that shows how different types of Hypers face off with distinct abilities in fast-paced, hectic and sometimes ridiculous brawls. Check out the new launch date announcement trailer here:

Players can also unlock in-game rewards that are available at launch by sharing the new trailer on Facebook. You can earn tickets and skin coupons based on the number of post shares. The full rules and prize goals can be seen on the HU Facebook page:

  • 150 shares: Unlock 1 Hyper Coupon
  • 250 shares: Unlock 3 Hyper Coupons
  • 400 shares: Unlock 1 Skin Coupon

For more information, please visit the HU Official Website and the HU Steam Page