Do you like free games? Humble Trove has some for just for you ❤

Of course, we all love games. I mean, why else would you be here, reading this, right now? What we love more than games are free games. Let me tell you all about Humble Trove and its magic.

What is Humble Trove?

First, let’s start with Humble Bundle (juuust in case you don’t know what it is yet). Humble Bundle is a company that became well known for releasing bundles of games for “give what you want” prices. Personally, I have amassed my current library primarily from Bundles. So I may be a little biased (shocking, I know).
Naturally, Humble Bundle moved onto offering a monthly subscription bundle. This makes sense: why wait for a bundle to come out every other blue moon when you can just get games every month?
In comes: Humble Trove. These are part of the Humble Monthly subscription but the games include Humble Originals and DRM-free games. The fun part about Humble Trove? You don’t need to be a Humble Monthly subscriber to download the free games:
Humble Monthly Trove May 2018

DRM-free, you say?

Again, juuust in case, if you’re unfamiliar: DRM-free games are Digital Rights Management-free games. It’s just like how old game cartridges and CDs used to work: once you’ve bought the game, it’s yours to do with as you wish. Also, you don’t need any special software to sign into in order to run said DRM-free game.

Gimme! Where are the free games at?

There are 4 free games on offer:

  • Knight Club
  • Hitch Hiker
  • Quiet City
  • Uurnog

They’re all free until the Friday, the 1st of June. Of course, if this timing is based on the US time zone, us over here in Australia/New Zealand will have until probably mid-Saturday to grab the fee games.
You can get your fix of free games here:
Get on it!