Heart2Game: Custom Built Games as Gifts

In August of 2017, Amelus Digital launched the HEART2GAME service to deliver custom romantic games to customers as gifts for their partners.

The game itself generally stars the gift recipient as the main character, exploring a mysterious location trying to find the exit. Along the way, they encounter other characters who represent people in their life, as well as obstacles they must overcome. Near the end of the experience, a custom message is delivered and the game concludes.
HEART2GAME is a unique service and currently the only one in existence. Recently, it has undergone expansion to its base service, which is releasing today. With four expanded package options, a customer-facing system that makes ordering a HEART2GAME product as enjoyable as it is efficient, and now virtually no limits on the occasion for which the service can be used, HEART2GAME is better and more innovative than ever before.
Now suited for any occasion
HEART2GAME now creates gifts for any occasion – not just romantic ones. HEART2GAME will create custom games for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas or any occasion specified by the customer.
Expanded package options
Originally, HEART2GAME featured one pricing package with additional costs based on the requests and requirements of the customer. Now, HEART2GAME has four base packages from which to choose, sure to suit the specific needs of any and all customers:

v    Basic Package: At $169.99, our most affordable Basic Package offers a 10-15 minute platforming experience to the recipient. Combat functionality is an added extra, and includes two custom characters.
v    Heart Package: our second-tier Heart Package is similar to the Basic Package, but offers an expanded choice of options including narrative selection, combat and an increased base allowance for custom characters.
v    SUPER Heart Package: At $989.99, the SUPER Heart Package grants an even more upgraded, 15-20 minute experience. This includes all elements featured in the Heart Package, and also allows the player full control of the narrative, location selection, genre selection. Additionally, players have an increased base allowance for custom characters.
v    GRAND Heart Package: Starting at $1,729.99, our highest-tier GRAND Heart Package  offers the most extensive allowance of custom characters, location choices, full control of narrative and full control of genre.

If a customer is looking for additional options outside the ones listed, HEART2GAME is available upon inquiry to work with them directly on larger or more specific projects.

A new way to order

Gone are the days of emailing HEART2GAME staff to place an order! Now, customers can simply select a package of their choice and fill out the relevant information required by the HEART2GAME crew in an-easy-to-complete form. Once the form is filled out, customers will receive an automatic calculation of the base price plus any added extras. Upon successful payment, the HEART2GAME team immediately starts work on the custom game.

If you would like to learn more about HEART2GAME or place an order, head to the HEART2GAME website