Harry Potter AR mobile bringing spells to your phone!

My dad’s a muggle, my mum’s a witch, bit of a shock when we found out THAT NIANTIC ARE BRINGING OUT HARRY POTTER ‘GO’.

Niantic (creators of the mobile game Ingress and Pokemon GO) have released information in an article on Wednesday that they are working on an AR mobile Harry Potter experience like no other. Just like Pokemon GO, but add spells and shit.
Niantic have teamed up with Warner Bros to bring this “magical and beloved series to life in a brand new way.” In this Wizarding World you will be able to learn spells, explore real world streets and cities to discover and take down legendary beats. This will also allow you to team up with your friends and others to take down even more powerful enemies.

Artists rendering – Not official screenshot

For the Harry Potter fans out there, this is insanely exciting. For everyone else… you will just have to Slytherin.