H1Z1 appropriating Maori and Polynesian culture is NOT OK. (Updated)

Minority inclusion in video games is a great thing, And when it’s done right it can be amazing.

But today (1/5/19) Daybreak games, the developer of OG battle royal game H1Z1 announced their latest update which included the “Macho crate”.

The pack consists of 24 new items to the game, including two full character sets: the Macho and Maui Outfits… the Maui outfit being the biggest issue here!

This outfit includes a skin inspired by Polynesian Tatu, a samoan style lavalava, and a Maori inspired mask which has a Ta Moko and Pukana (Maori tongue and eye gesture used in kapa haka), as well as what looks to be a Taniwha (Maori mythical monster) inspired gun skin… which is pretty tasteless after the Christchurch shooting.

To say this is highly offensive to these cultures is an under statement, as reflected by tweets from Maori, Polynesian and Kiwi gamers, myself included! :

Daybreak Games are yet to respond to the concerns raised , but they could take a lesson from publishers such as 2K Games, who included Maori and Polynesian culture in their Civilisation 6 DLC “Gathering Storm” with consultation from the Māori New Zealand Arts & Crafts Institute to ensure the game represented the culture accurately and respectfully.


Daybreak Games has announced that after careful consideration that they would be removing the offending content:

While this has been greated with a positive reation for the Maori, Polynesian and kiwi gaming community, Some are now annoyed that Daybreak have done this:

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