Graveball Coming July 31 on PC

Polish your shovels and prepare your finest goblins, Gravelball, the spooky and savage skill-based sport is set to make its way to PC on July 31.

About Graveball

Graveball is a Goblin-Themed sports game that is set in a local cemetery. A mesh of football and basketball, Graveball involves shovel-wielding creatures battling over the possession of the “skull ball” and running it down to the end zone to score. And if that didn’t sound creepy enough, goblins can also get points by shooting the skull into a hoop that will appear every 30 seconds or just killing the other team in quick succession.
Remember those shovels that you were told to polish? These polished tools are useful for smacking the skull down the field or blocking the other team from scoring. Shovels can also be used directly on opponents, game rules allow for shovels to be thrown, so watch out cause goblins are no match for polished shovels.
After dying, goblins return in ghost form moving twice as fast as their living counterparts. Death doesn’t mean its all over, mobility can be the key to winning this game. Keep in mind, ghosts can’t touch the skull while in phantom form. But if the idea of being a ghost appeals to you, there’s a suicide button for that!
Graveball is a game that is largely dependent on skill. All goblins have the same abilities to ensure an even playing field. So put those wallets away and get your best goblins ready,

Graveball will be available digitally in English on the PC via Steam for $4.99 USD with a 10% launch discount.

About Goin’ Yumbo

Goin’ Yumbo is Riley Dirksen’s alter ego in the form of a company. His goal is to make games that make people laugh. He once started a game dev club and was the only member for a whole year. Bonus he did have a perfect attendance.

About 3D Realms

Founded 30 years ago as Apogee Software, 3D Realms published classics such as Wolfenstein 3D before creating its own seminal first-person shooters, Duke Nukem 3D, and Shadow Warrior.
3D Realms also produced and published Max Payne, Prey, and most recently, Ion Maiden.
If you’re interested in learning more, visit Graveball’s official site, follow Goin’ Yumbo on Twitter, like the Facebook page, and join the game’s official Discord server. There’s also a trailer for Graveball available.