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Are you a brand that wants to explore and understand the esports and gaming industry better so you can develop meaningful, long-lasting relationships with gamers?
For switched-on marketers, especially for brands seeking new ways to drive results, the esports and gaming industry represents a new audience to create long-term partnerships with.
When Reuters comments on the growth in gaming during the COVID-19 lockdowns around the world, it’s time for brands and companies in all sectors to consider how gaming can play a part in their strategic marketing.
This goes way beyond hard-core gamers. Gamers of all ages, many backgrounds, and across multiple genres, have turned to gaming for the first time, returned to gaming or increased the amount of time they spend gaming.
Research also suggests that many new and returning gamers plan to continue gaming in the future.
This represents a huge opportunity for both B2B and Consumer (B2C) brands to start engaging with this audience.
Some questions you might be thinking about are:

  • – How do I do this?
  • – What are the opportunities?
  • – How big are the risks?
  • – What investment do I need – financially and emotionally?
  • – And, most important of all, what does success look like?

To help provide you with the answer to these questions has brought together industry experts to help demystify the esports and gaming industry and share their experiences working with gamers.
On 6 August, will be hosting an online virtual event specifically for non-gaming brands to learn how they can be involved in the biggest digital entertainment media in the region!
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Darren Kwan – Pres of AESA & Exec Producer of AEL:
Darren Kwan is the founding President of the Australian Esports Association and Executive Producer of the Australian Esports League.
He has a deep passion for esports and through over 16 years of experience in the industry has developed a deep understanding of every facet of esports competition and management. He is actively engaged in esports production, management and advocacy for Australian esports and its participants.
In his role as the President of the Australian Esports Association he seeks to enable and improve the sustainability of esports in Australia through the development of sound governance and transparent industry policy and practice. As Executive Producer of the Australian Esports League he oversees all elements of event production, business development and strategy. He was directly responsible for producing Australia’s first ever free-to-air broadcast of an esports competition broadcast via SBS Viceland to an audience of over 400,000, enabling Australian esports to reach mass audiences and support the long term growth of the Australian esports industry.
Ricky Chanana – Head Of Sales, Twitch AUNZ
Ricky believes in utilising consumer research, actionable insights and market awareness to help his clients supercharge their digital campaigns and drive business results. He was also the Managing Director of Unruly (Newscorp/Tremor) where he led sales, operations and business development to assist them grow to be one of the most profitable (EBTDIA) in the APAC region.
Having worked in the industry for over 15 years, Ricky has extensive experience on both buying and selling sides having worked with major global and local brands within FMCG, Auto, Finance, Retail and other prominent categories.
Phid Oldfield – Head of
Phid identifies and engages brand ambassadors and influencers to create great content, help foster ideas for social media channels and create large scale activations. Phid has worked with Bethesda, Lenovo, Intel, EA, Zotac, 2K Games and more. Phid has also worked in media and marketing for over 15 years including extensive experience across all social channels for the tech, gaming, education and FMCG sectors. He is an influencer in his own right and ensures that influencer program are a win-win-win to ensure campaign success.
Jack Hudson – Gaming Industry Expert
Jack brings a wealth of creative experience within the gaming industry including community management, content creation and live streaming to achieve amazing engagement for brands and the communities he delivers for. Jack is an avid gamer who understands what drives a highly-engaged community and is a sought-after influencer with a large following on YouTube and Twitch.
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