Good job: review

Climb the corporate ladder, causing property damage as you go

“Hey buddy, you asked me to bring all the runaway employees back to this meeting, and I got them all, but I wanted to get it done fast…so sorry about the giant hole in the wall. I used a cable to slingshot a copy machine through it to speed up the process. Dad will foot the bill…”

Is the best excuse I could come up with IRL for…slingshotting a copy machine through a wall. Which I believe is the best way to solve problems in Good Job.

Cable + projector also works. Anything heavy. You know how slingshots work.

Good Job is a new digital exclusive on the Nintendo eShop, where you take the form of a 3D stickman in his office building of 3D stickcoworkers, and climb the corporate ladder to become a 3D stickCEO just like your dad. You have about 8 floors to climb, each made of a handful of levels that are based on a theme, ranging from logistics to finance to recreation. Completing the mini levels will grant access to a larger level that scales up the thematic challenges of that floor, and once you finish that challenge you can unlock the next floor.

Your tasks range from watering gardens to organising packages and assisting with experiments. Or cleaning any of those up.

Now, you have scores that determine your performance, which is influenced by two key factors, the speed at which you get tasks done and the number of things you break in the process. To give an example of this careful dynamic; one level requires you to track down runaway meeting attendants, you could play it safe and use a wheely chair to pick up the employees one by one, without breaking anything, or you could build the aforementioned slingshot and break a hole in the wall (along with everything else in its path) and then slingshot the workers into the room at great speed. On one hand, you may get a good speed score, but the damage score may drag down your overall rating, or vice versa.

One handy feature is that if your coworkers are presented with a seat, they will promptly use it. By moving the seat, you move everyone on it, take note of the time and amount of broken objects in the top right, affecting the overall score of the level.

It’s that careful balance, the duet of destruction, that makes Good Job a perfectly enjoyable challenge. It’s satisfying to complete a task with minimal property damage, but whenever I see a power cord with its plug on the other side of the hallway, I consider it a hint wink from the devs that a slingshot will solve my problems. Of course, there are other ways to get things done, depending on the level you may have high-pressure hoses or heavy machinery to get your task done with speed in mind.

And of course, scattered throughout each level are adorable cosmetics for your hard-working stickman, which can be picked up and worn if you can reach them, and are saved into outfits that you can access at any point, should you feel your vibe has shifted from aviator flight goggles to a fluro pink hardhat.

It’s a fantastic package of office-based fun, a great stress reliever or time killer, and is available to play in singleplayer and 2 player local coop. Available now on the Nintendo eShop.

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