Jin Sakai

Samurai of Tsushima

Trained by Shimura


His home, Tsushima

Invaded by Khotan Kahn

Cruel, Mongol Leader

Shimura, Uncle

A guiding presence for Jin,

Emprisoned, hostage.


Jin’s journey, his path

Defeat the mongol army

To save his uncle

Jin’s old ways challenged

The way of the ghost awaits 

Honor leads to death

Action Adventure

A beautiful climate awaits

Open world ahead. 

Navigation choice

Horse, Parkour, Hook exploring

Rewards for the keen

A visual splendor

Minimal HUD, movie-like

Vibrant world awaits

Soft wind guiding Jin 

Acting as compass; clever.

Elegant compass

Samurai Weapons

The sword, the bow, throwables

Plethora of pain 

Sneak tactics abound

A familiar action trope

Jins journey to ghost 

Upgrades aplenty 

Armour, weapons, unlocked moves 

Progression awaits

A map of secrets

Fox dens, bamboo, shines to find

Haikus to compose

Beautiful Japan

Pure joy to explore, collect

4K visuals

Kurosawa Mode

Love letter to old movies

Black, White, Grain, Gorgeous

Explore Tsushima

A vast landscape of war, life

Engrossing stories

Become the feared Ghost

Highly recommended? Yes

A PS Winner