GGWP leADing the way!

Australian esports / gaming startup GGWP was accepted into the Berlin-based leAD Sports Accelerator program along with 8 other sports startups from around the world this week, having competed against over 400 businesses to be selected. As part of the program, GGWP will get 25,000 euros and the opportunity to pitch in front of investors on Demo Day in November 2018.
The leAD Sports Accelerator – a legacy of Adi Dassler, founder of Adidas –  is a sports entrepreneurship platform focused on funding and nurturing early-stage sports startups. The platform was founded by Adi Dassler’s grandsons.
GGWP’s Founder, Jacqueline Garrett, will participate in the 12-week long accelerator from September to December 2018 and engage in high-intensity training which includes business and pitching skills training, stress testing business plans, development and support to produce a full setup of business documents and legal framework.

“The lead program offers us (GGWP) an opportunity to gain further knowledge, a wider professional network and the ability to raise seed capital ahead of launching later this year, which will mean a better initial offering for our customers and community. We are very excited to travel to Berlin and begin the program in early September” – Jacqueline Garrett

The key focus of GGWP is to provide relevant, effective and healthy training to gamers worldwide, in esports, live streaming and recorded content creation, teaching them how to brand themselves, grow their audiences and monetise a professional career in gaming. Their courses are aimed at gamers of all abilities and ages, starting with a kids and parents course featuring online safety and go all the way up to an esports PRO course.

“GGWP, creating and educating the Influencers of the future in esports, live streaming and recorded content creation.” – GGWP Tag line

GGWP is aiming to launch in December 2018 and hopes to offer a platform that inspires a supportive and cross-promoting community, offering a range of strategies and tips to help their customers obtain better results, faster.
Based in the ‘Esports High Performance Centre’ at the Sydney Cricket Grounds, GGWP is on a rapid path to being established and operational in the Australian, New Zealand markets.
“It is so exciting to see the passion and conviction from Jacquie to educate young people to be involved in gaming and esports in a healthy and inspired manner. This program is going to give its students the tools and knowledge they need to achieve their goals in this super exciting industry.”   -Chris White  (esports High-Performance Centre)

  • About GGWP

 GGWP (Good Game Well Played) is an online training academy focused on training the influencers, streamers and esports stars of the future. Founder, Jacqueline Garrett is mum to Australia’s youngest signed esports athlete and content creator, Orange Ocelot and is combining their experience within the industry and the knowledge and advice of key gaming industry advisors to produce the most comprehensive content available.
About leAD
leAD Legacy of Adi Dassler is a Berlin based sports entrepreneurship platform that helps fund and nurture remarkable sports startups. It was initiated by the grandchildren of Adi Dassler together with a unique group of shareholders who are experts in the fields of venture capital, business, sports business and tech. It consists of the following elements.
The leAD Sports Accelerator targets seed stage companies with innovative products, services and business models in or applicable to the realm of sports. This next-generation accelerator model with tightly aligned support for entrepreneurs and a linked fund that will capture value from the accelerator’s leading companies creates an unprecedented ecosystem for sports technology value-creation.
The leAD Business Builder manages all the leAD portfolio investments into the companies that come through the leAD Sports Accelerator. The team not only provides the direction and guidance for the follow-on investments but also helps the companies tackle tricky issues that come up at the crucial development stage of the startups.
The ADvantage sports tech fund intends to invest in early stage technology companies aimed at reshaping how we play and experience sports. Backed by leAD Sports and OurCrowd, the leading global equity crowdfunding platform, ADvantage, a 50-million dollar fund, will leverage a strong global network to source leading opportunities in the spaces of fan engagement and experience, connected athletes and communities, and derivative sports.
With this, leAD now covers all stages of sports startups from Pre-Seed to Series A.