GGWP Academy Launches E-Learning Platform!

Today, GGWP Academy launched the worlds first e-learning platform, targeted for gamers who want to build a career in content creation and eSports!

The app will be available on Apple/iOS devices and will be distributed to an audience of over 6 Million gamers. This is due to their global partnerships with online tournament platforms; (Australia), Nice Cactus (France) and Logitech, who will be the exclusive “Educational Partner” of the platform!

CEO of GGWP Academy, Jacqueline Garrett;

“We want to help the new wave of gamers, content creators and esports athletes achieve their goals in a structured and professional way. This means, giving them the tools and education to learn as well as a platform to help them find opportunities to work with teams and brands”.

GGWP Academy currently has 3 pathways for beginner education; Streamer, eSports Athlete and Recorded Content Creator, with an expansion into Shoutcast, Podcasting and eSports & Gaming Writing coming in the future!

The goal of the streaming specific training courses is to prepare aspiring streamers for life as a full-time content creator as well as a place where users can set and track their goals for success. It will teach users how to build a personal brand, create a positive online presence, healthy gaming, networking, accounting foundations, how to represent brands & so much more!

Training will come in Beginner Intermediate and Advanced levels.

In late 2020, an update to the platform will include an Influencer Marketplace that will provide users with a worldwide ranking and a pathway of opportunity to be engaged by brands for influencer campaigns.

Check out more details on their website & Twitter!

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Will Dube

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